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Just a robot
Boystory Scenario


As class was starting, I just listened to the teacher even though I already know ALL the lessons.

Mr. He thinks he knows everything: So class, who can answer, what... 15,984÷8.8 is?

I raised my hand,

Mr. He thinks he knows everything: Yes, Yn?

Yn: 1,816.3636363636

Mr. He thinks he knows everything: I was just joking and testing you all... but... ITS CORRECT!

Everyone's eyes' went wide.

"Whattt she's so smart!"

"Omggggg I wanna be like her, smart."

"She just cheated lol"

"No she didn't! You're just jealous because she's smarter than you!"

And yeah....


After School - Dismissal

I put my things back in my bag, then, I went towards those boys and,

Yn: Hey, so... ehm.... I wanted to introduce myself more clearly, I'm Yn, and I'm 15 years old.

I said, they all started to introduce themselves too,

Yn: Okay so, enough chit-chatting and lets go to the bookstore, you still need to buy me another book and.... also that Hara- i dont know ice cream!!

I said and acted like a baby, while pulling them. They just chuckled.

At The Book Store

We're here in the bookstore, then, we all started to search for that book.


At The Ice Cream Store

We're here in the ice cream store, and we all ate ice cream and we all talked. Then, a car stopped, (limousine or I dunno if thats how you spell it), it was my Mom.


Yn: Oh... I'm sorry, I have to go now, bye! See y'all tomorrow!

I waved goodbye at them as they watch me going inside my car.

Mingrui's Point Of View

Me: Oh... my gosh.... (get it? lol sorry I wont interupt again) she. has. a. limousine?! IS SHE THAT RICH?!

We all watched her going inside the car.

Then, Xinlong got a nosebleed and fainted lol, then, we all went home.


To Be Continued!

Sorry for a very short chapter! This was actually a rush sorry!

I'll update the 3rd part maybye after I finish the other chapter?

I'll try to update more faster and more sooner!

Thanks for reading!!!

Love y'all ❤

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