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Just a robot
Boystory Scenario



Ms. Han: Oh no! Mr. Kim! She's oveloading, she might explode-


Ms. Han stood up, she looked around and saw Mr. Kim (her boss)

She tried waking him up but, he was dead already, so, she did expirements on her own on the robot.

The robot woke up...

???: Processing... Loading please wait-- Hello! What shall you name me?

Ms. Han: Hm... I'll name you, Yn!

Yn: Yn it is, what shall I call you?

Ms. Han: Just call me.... uh.. Mom..? Mom!

Yn: Okay~

End of flashback

Years later,

Ms. Han's perspective

Its been years since Kim died and, me with Yn, so... I decided to do a makeover for her, I changed her hair color to an ombrè beige (black on top, beige at the bottom, if you dont like it, you can imagine it in another color if you want 😁)

I changed her skin color from her blue skin to a pale white one.

I made her eye color blue (or, maybe another one if you like)

And, of course, I bought her clothes. And, I also told her some rules to follow:

Not allowed to go to the water for more than an hour. (Because she will malfunction)

Not allowed to tell people what she really is.

Not allowed to put on makeup or any thing that is related to dust because the dust will go inside her. (Lol I dont make any sense, oh and, she has artificial intelligence and is a genius oh and, the experiment they did on Yn, it was just to put emotions and feelings, but she cant feel pain, like, physical pain. And, she is very strong)


Yn's perspective

I woke up, Mom told me that today is the first day of school, so, I went to the bathroom, took a bath and changed into,

-I'll insert pic later-

I then went downstairs, and ate. (She can eat of course)


My mom insisted that she would drive me to school, I was just fine. (You're freaking rich in dis story so yah, u have a mansion and a--- yah u know 😂)


My mom dropped me off at school, I kissed her cheek goodbye and waved then, I went out of the car and went inside the school.

People started to look at me and whisper things (good and bad) about me.

"Omg... is she the new student? She's so pretty~"

"Ew is she being a ____ on her first day?"

"She's probably going to be Boystory's new target this year..."

"Oh my gosh she's too pretty to be true."

"She's very pretty."

"I wonder if she's single..."

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