I'm boredom 😂

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These r just some facts lol


Soon turning 12 this July.

I stan groups like; Boystory, Twice, Stray Kids, Got7, TXT, Bigbang (dont come @ me) and more...

My Boystory bias is Shuyang, bias wrecker is Shuyang (wtf lol)

Twice- Nayeon, Tzuyu--- nope, I like all of them lol

Stray Kids- Felix, I.N, Hyunjin, bfiajfoxjrjvf everyone.

Got7- Mark, Yugye-- I'll stop and. put everyone.

TXT- everyone

Bigbang- everyone

I'm 145 cm

I like the colors White, Grey and Black

I hate rainbow colors, light colors, neon colors except for the neon purple.

I really like art especially when you can do whatever you want in that class lol

I also like to do calligraphy

I write a lot in cursive and also in print lol

I write my 'a' differently

I write fast. 🖋

I'm sorta poetic..? lol 📃

Lowkey savage 🔥

High-key shy 😶

Cusses a lot 🙄😈

I like Kimbap 🍱

I love food like, I eat more than 3 bowls of rice, everyday. 🍚🍚🍚+ (I eat more than Mingrui lol)

I have fast metabolism, thats why, when I eat a lot, I dont get fat.

I'm lowkey a sasaeng of Boystory

I love to dance, sing 🎤and I sometimes rap.

I always use these emojis:

❤ 🖕 💔 🍁 🍃 🌿 ⚘ 🔥 🔪 😑

I like history and geography.

I dont like people who act like if they know who Billie Eilish is.

People who use the word 'aesthetic' and doesn't know when to use it or doesn't know the meaning is literally a turn off for girls or.. is it just me? Lol

I like water like... who doesn't?

I like chocolates of course.

I'm full Filipina, 1/8th American and 1/5th Chinese (not 1/6th lol) .

I'm trying to learn Chinese, I know a few words already.

I studied at a very advanced school before.

I have so many fake friends like... wtf is wrong with me?

I know a few spanish words and phrases. 'Me cago en tu madre' lol you can go to google translate and translate that. Thats from a quote I really like lol. Also this; 'Rien n'est eternal'

I know a few words from different languages because I tried learning them all at once lol 😂

I'm obssessed with Billie and Boystory

I know how to play the ukulele

I made an acapella duo in kindergarten with my one and only friend lol

A lot of my family members think that, when I sing Taylor Swifts' songs, I sound like her lol

My goal is to be taller than Shuyang 😂

I'm planning to audition for JYP but I'm not yet sure. Im practicing really hard actually. lol

Lol thats all, if. you wanna ask more, comment maybe?

Thanks for reading!

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