Chapter Thirty-six

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Paulson intercepted Kita and Apocalypse as they walked through the lab toward the Autobots.

"What do you have, Doctor?" said Apocalypse.

"Your Highnesses, the material for Arcee's new body has arrived and is being loaded into the storage tanks. We're still working on Bumblebee's system core. We have to extrapolate the information, and that takes time. We've energized Ratchet, but we've observed no change."

"Busy night?" said Kita.

"Teams have worked around the clock, Your Highness."

"So have I. You can rotate them out to get some rest. I'm finished with what I set out to do. I'll take over Bumblebee's system core. Show me to the computers."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Paulson led Kita to a rack of computers and a screen running computations and a rotating cube showing where the program was in the etching process. It was sixty-seven percent finished. Estimated time to completion was three months.

Paulson withered under Kita's glare. "When you said you were 'still working on' the system core, I thought you meant you were close. Sixty-six percent of this cube is what you took off the original."

"The machine is using cloud computing. It's the fastest way we can do it."

Kita interfaced with the USB port and copied the program and data. She ran the program and groaned. It required crunching numbers—a process she loathed. It inevitably seeped into her subconscious and conscious, so she dreamed, saw, and heard numbers. "I'll have this to you by the end of the day. Get the etching machine ready."

"No machine is that fast," said Paulson.

"I have a dimensional quantum machine linked to an organic brain. Your system works through the system core one point at a time. I'm working through it dozens of points at once. You get to apologize to Kimmy why I won't be much fun for the next few hours as I think in numbers. Let's move on to Ratchet."

Paulson led Kita and Apocalypse to the Autobots. Ratchet lay on his front, the damage to his back exposed. Kita glided on top of him. The hole was large, and the sword thrust was wide and went all the way through.

"Kimmy, come here," said Kita.

Kimmy glided up next to Kita. "Yes?"

"Extend a barb."

She did, and Kita extended one of hers and touched the tips together.

"I've given you the bionanite I've developed to heal Ratchet and Bumblebee. You should be able to disassemble it and produce it. When you're ready, we need to seed the damaged areas."

"Ok. I have it. I'm going through the DNA structure now."

"Paulson," Kita barked. "Bumblebee and Ratchet need energon. That's the food source for the bionanites. You won't see any change at first, but keep feeding them. Once they reach critical mass, they'll heal them."

Paulson frowned disapprovingly. "What is a bionanite, Your Highness? You can't use unapproved procedures and techniques in the lab."

"I've been using them longer than you've been alive," said Kita. "This bionanite uses Transformer DNA, but it's not harmful. It will mutate until it works or dies."

Paulson turned to Apocalypse. "Princess Roosevelt, this is against regulation and very dangerous. We don't know what these things are or what she's engineered. She has no proof of concept. No tests."

Kita rolled her eyes. "I learned from two of the foremost experts on nanites, my ex, and my great grandmother, and I surpassed them."

"You said they would mutate. You don't know what they will mutate into!"

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