Chapter 6 Saturday after thing

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Izu's POV

When I woke up I was in so mush pain then all the memories from last night hit me. Oh ya that is why I hurt but I fell hungrier than the usual mornings than before and I know for a fact me and Aiza had supper last night.

I: Aiza babe I am hungry and I hurt.
A: Oh I must of gone to hard on you then.
I: Not really I like it but now I am really hungry.
A: Wait are you hungrier than usual?
I: Yes and can I have some bacon with chocolate on it.
A: Ah ok.

Aiza's POV

That right there when he said he wanted bacon with chocolate on it is when I knew he might actually be pregnant. I did however get him the bacon with chocolate on them but then when it came to something to drink I figured he might want milk with chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup mix with it. After making both of them I decided to make him eggs on top of toast since he likes it.

A: Izu I made you breakfast want me to carry you to the table.
I: Can you that will be great.

Izuku's POV

When he was cooking I couldn't help but feel different in a way also when he was making me breakfast I got the feeling I should protect my stomach for some odd reason. Then next thing I know Aiza was talking to me.

I: Oh and can you be careful of my stomach because it feels weird and that I have to protect it.
A: Ok and I am hoping you like what I made and do you think you might be ...
I: Yes I think I am pregnant now bring me to my food.
A: Ok.
Now not talking

I felt bad that I gave Aiza a command but what can I do I still can't walk at the moment and I am very hungry. I am just lucky he carried me bridal style to the table where the delicious looking food was that was for me. If I really am pregnant this child or children idk I will check later will make me feel like an outcast. At least my mom said once one I was younger if I ever did get pregnant I will still be able to do everything normal pregnant people can't but if I do die the child/children will also.

I: Sorry I snapped at you and thanks for making me breakfast.
A: It is ok I get it especially if you are pregnant.
I: Would I be alone at a point today?
A: Yes but only when I get food.
I: Ok.
Now not talking

I started to eat once we finished the conversation. After a while well when I was done eating Aiza put me on the couch with a blanket on me and gave me the remote to the TV. I know he was going to get food now after he gave me a kiss and left I decided to check to see if I am pregnant or not.

It looks like it is twins a boy and a girl. I will if Aiza approve of names for them is Izula and Aizuko. I am happy now that I know. *yawn* It looks like I am going to nap until Aiza comes back because being pregnant for now is tiering.*falls asleep*

Aiza's POV

When I was at the store I got extra food for Izu. I thought hey why not buy Izu his favorite food since he technically pregnant and will have carvings for it.

When I got home I couldn't help but hear nothing. The two questions I ask myself was was he sleeping or was he kidnapped. Then I walked to the living room to see Izu sleeping. I was happy he was still here. Once I put the food away I was lucky enough that Izu was still sleeping, so I slowly layed next to him and rapped my arms around him. After that I kiss him on the forehead and slowly falling asleep.

Izu's POV

When I heard the door open and close I know it was Aiza so I stayed asleep. After a while when I think he was putting the things he got away he came over layed next to me hugging me and then kisses my forehead then went to sleep. I was still asleep but amazing enough I know it was Aiza doing all these things.

After about two more hours I woke up since I got very hungry.

A: Oh I see you woke up is it because you are hungry again?
I: Yes and it is lunch time right?
A: Yes it is stay here if you want I will make lunch.
I: Ok but before you go can I tell you something.
A: Of course you can and remember we know you are pregnant because of this morning.
I: Ya and uh before I say anything I have two questions for you.
A: You can ask anything.
I: Do you want to know the gender and want to know if it is more than one?
A: I will want to know and whatever name you pick tell me
I:*nod* ok first thing is first I remember my mom saying that if I ever get pregnant I can do anything normal pregnant people can't and if I do die so dose the child also I will be getting a few new quirks because of being pregnant.
A: Ok nice to know.
I: Next thing is that I am pregnant with twins and one is a boy the other is a girl.
A: And can I hear the names and do not worry I won't tell anyone.
I: The girl name is Izula and the boy is Aizuko.
A: What beautiful names for the children and I will get your guys lunch.
Done with talking;

After that he went to the kitchen to make me and the little ones lunch. When he was doing that I had to go to the restroom quick since it feels like my time is shorter than usual to hold in the pee. I think it is because of me now being pregnant I have no idea it is just I never ask my mom about these things and now I think I will have to ask her.

I went to the kitchen after going to the restroom and washing my hands to see what Aiza was doing.

A: Hey Izu I am almost done.
I: Ok and can we see my mom today so I can ask her some questions.
A: Of course because I have a feeling you never asked here about pregnancy.
I: You got me there.

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