Chapter 51: The City Down Under

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Ben sat in his room with tears flowing down his cheeks. He never thought he would cry for a girl but here he was, crying over Shiloh. He heard how everyone was rushing outside of his room; he could tell that everyone was in a rush. He knew that they were all looking for Shiloh but she was long gone. If there was anybody else that knew Shiloh from head to toe, it was him.

Since she arrived at the Organization he had just clicked with her. They started off as friends but with time, well they ended up being together. Shiloh was always serious with her work and when they were out on missions, people who didn't know them would never guess that they were indeed together. Ben sat up on his bed and started to think about all the things he and Shiloh had been through and finally realized that there was always one constant factor, Skyler.

Shiloh always spoke about her sister and most of the time she never had anything nice to say about her. She always said that her parents preferred Skyler and that they always supported Skyler's every decision. Whereas she had to do stuff to get their attention and even if her plans worked, she only got a minimum amount of the attention she wanted. He always thought that if he met Skyler he would dislike her at first sight since Shiloh painted such a dark image of her older sister. However, the contrary happened. When he met Skyler at the park, she sent out a very different to what he thought he'd feel and seeing everything that Skyler had done till now, he knew just like everybody else that she was never a bad person.

Despite that Ben thought that there was something else behind Shiloh's betrayal. Yes Skyler probably played a part in the decision but he was damn sure that there was something else too. He knew Ethan as well and that guy was sick to the core. He probably offered Shiloh something that attracted her, hell he probably even brainwashed her. He probably disguised his plans in a beautiful paper wrapping and called it a 'gift.'

"Whatever your reasons were Shiloh, I need to know. I just have to know," he said to himself as he wiped the final tear from his left eye. "You are not going to get away with this. No, not on my watch."


"So this is it Ryan, you are finally gonna meet your other half," Emily teased as they made their way to Ethan's office.

"Yes and maybe now there will be more action!" Troy said with almost a devilish smile.

"She is not my other half Emily, get your wording right. She is just the one I need so that I can use my powers to their full potential," Ryan replied calmly.

"Dude your powers are freaky as it is, God knows what will happen when you join forces with our secret ally," Troy said thoughtfully.

"Well, I don't think she is a secret anymore, since she's here," Emily said as they entered Ethan's office. Troy and Ryan followed Emily's gaze and their eyes stopped searching when they saw Shiloh.

"Shiloh, meet the deadly trio of Lycan, Projection and The Servant," Ethan said proudly.

"The Servant?" Shiloh snorted out. "That's a very "unique" name," she continued as she burst out laughing.

"Hey it means a lot more than it seems!" Ryan fired back.

"Those names are their villain names, their real names are Troy, Ryan and..."

"Emily," Shiloh said as she finished off Jade's sentence.

"Wait, the two of you know each other?" Troy asked in surprise.

"She's Skyler's baby sister," Emily said as she narrowed her eyes. "What's your deal Ortega? You were always the goodie two shoes of that family!"

"This can wait," Ethan interrupted. "I brought you three here because you will all be working with Shiloh. Emily, I know you have your reasons to be doubtful but Shiloh has been working for me even before I knew you existed! So you are not going to start any drama. Have I made myself clear?"

Emily nodded indignantly; she just couldn't get passed the fact that it was Skyler's sister that had been the mole all along.

"Moving on, you said that the mole would help complete me and my powers?" Ryan said, clearly uninterested in Emily's drama.

"Indeed I did! Shiloh Ryan is the special one. He was named The Servant because he possesses the powers that I picked out for him. He is a very important member of this team and the leader of this trio... However since you are part of this team, and you both will have a connection like no other, you will both lead this team and yes Emily, you will see that you are mistaken. Shiloh is indeed on our side."

"So how do we get connected?" Ryan asked eagerly.

"Through the initiation process," Jade replied. "They are ready boss."

"Before you all ask what the initiation process is, I would like you to follow Jade and I," Ethan said as he got up from his desk.

They all followed Ethan and Jade with intrigued expressions. Ethan and Jade led them to a part of the facility that none of them knew existed. They took a staircase and headed downstairs. There was deep silence and all that was heard were their footsteps.

Ethan knew that they were all wondering where he was taking them too. It was time for the grand reveal and he had the five best people by his side. He would not have it any other way. They finally reached the bottom of what seemed to be like a never ending staircase and all there was at the bottom was a huge black iron door. Beside it was a keypad.

"Before we go on, I'd like you all to know that all the answers to your questions are behind this door. The only other person to know about this was Jade and now you will know about it. Soon this whole city will know about it..."

"With all due respect Ethan, I think we have waited long enough, especially me. Please for the love of everything evil, show us what's behind this door," Shiloh interrupted.

"Ah I see the evil passion burning in your eyes Shiloh, okay I will stop speaking for now." With that Ethan pressed the code to open the door. Once he did so, the door opened automatically and what seemed like a fog greeted them. Wordlessly Ethan entered the other side of the door. Jade immediately followed as did Ryan and Shiloh. Troy and Emily hesitated for a few seconds before joining the others.

What they saw on the other side completely astonished them. It was not a room or an office; it wasn't even a storage unit. It was an underground city and the inhabitants of the city were none other than the aliens that were declared dead four years ago!

"What the hell?" Shiloh asked in shock. "I thought you said you had only two of them under artificial breathing, but you got a city full of them!"

"I know I kept that from you but it's only because our master told me to," Ethan said apologetically. "It's best to obey the hand that feeds you gift Shiloh."

"So these are the dudes that gave us powers," Troy said in awe. "Ugly dudes to say the least but powerful and generous at the same time!"

"And how the hell did you build a city under an actual city?" Emily asked.

"Due to time and preparation and their powers," Ethan replied.

Ryan remained silent. Was he in awe? Yes? Was he trembling with fear at the same time? Yes. He was however feeling happy and invincible as well. If anyone asked him how he was feeling at that very moment, he wouldn't be able to describe it. Just then one of the Aliens approached Ethan and started speaking to him in a language no one understood. The conversation lasted for only a couple of seconds.

"Our master will now see us," Ethan told them. "Let's go."

"Skyler, you won't know what hit you once I'm done with you," Shiloh thought.

"If Shiloh is really on our side maybe we can team up to eliminate her sister?" Emily asked herself.

"Oof, this is totally rad!" Troy told himself in a low voice.

"All this for my ultimate revenge! I'm loving it!" Ryan thought slowly.

Ethan and Jade silently observed the four of them and both of them smiled at the same time. Nothing, no absolutely nothing was going to stop them now. Once this phase was over, it would be time to take over the city and then well, the rest of the world!

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