End of Part Two - 20 - Hopper

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"Captain Allan Roy's log, entry 609. Okay, I admit it, I was wrong. (laugh) And for once I am glad I was. Kala is now officially a member of our crew. She is...very skilled. It is the least I can say about her. She crashed in our lives like lightning, falling from the sky. Literally. Women in my life tend to do that. The first time we saw her, she jumped on us from the ceiling...I tried to fight it, but she wormed her way on board and in our hearts. And now she is here to stay. I am happy. She completes us. Now my crew is...perfect. Don't tell them I said that. Log entry over."

Hopper looked up to the sky once again, where he knew a battle was raging. Where Kala was fighting for them, alone. Worry and panic were eating at his soul. He cursed loudly and looked down at his work. The Capricieuse was still stranded in the desert. He had been working on it with the others for quite some time now, but Kala's recent message taunting the three nations to attack had sent them in a new kind of frenzy. They needed to help her. Nobody was ready to let her play the hero and sacrifice herself like this.

Their life together had been so short. Wonderful, yes, but it wasn't enough. It would never be enough. Hopper wanted more time with her. He didn't even get to say I love you yet; he was always scared that it would sound too cheesy. But now, all he wanted was to scream it at the sky, hoping she would hear it and come back to him.

A part of him was really mad at her for doing this without him. For leaving him behind. He had promised that he would always be by her side if she wanted him to. But apparently, she didn't, and that hurt more than anything. He understood her motives, the love that pushed her to take those risks and sacrifice herself, but it still felt like a betrayal. All he wanted now was a chance to tell her all that. A chance to see her again. He cursed again and went back to work with the energy of despair.

* * *

It took them two days to repair the ship and be able to fly. Two long and soul-crushing days. They flew up to space in silence, all crammed in the cockpit, faces marked by exhaustion and worry. No one tried to stop them from leaving the planet.

When they arrived in space, the sight was unnerving. Rubbles were already forming a belt around the small planet, the remains of the battle that had happened a few hours before. At the speed with which they were gravitating, they couldn't make out if any of them were part of an old yellow ship.

There were no traces of the living.

Just as brutally as she had appeared in their lives, Kala was gone.

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