Chapter 20

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 – Kiss a stranger.√
– Hollywood movie kiss.
– Get a tattoo. √
– Swim naked under the moon.√
– Do something I'm afraid of.
– Swim with dolphins.
– Fly in a hot air balloon. √
– Shower in a waterfall.
– Scuba dive.
– Sail on the Themes.√
– Go to a strip club.
– Catch a fish. √
– Learn how to play an instrument.
– Join the mile high club.
– Graffitti on a wall. √

Chapter 20

It read 9:21 on my phone and I was wide awake, but Jayden was sleeping peacefully next to me, with his arms around me. I was ready to get away and get my thoughts together. It took me a minute, but in the end, I got my self manoeuvred out of his arms.

I quickly went to my room, threw on some clothes, and then went to the kitchen to make myself some coffee. I needed my brain to start working.

In reality did I need a shower, I was just too lazy to take one right now. I needed to get his smell off me, it was too much, too real.

I pulled out my phone and went on Facebook, to Amy's page. We hadn't closed it. I couldn't get myself to do it. I still send her messages from time to time, pretending it was her I was talking to, or read through our old conversations. It was always hard to read the last ones, knowing that there would never be more. Most of all did I just look through all her pictures, like I was doing right now. You would really have loved this Amy. I bet you would have started screaming.  Freaking out like I am right now, that's for sure. I can't believe I actually had sex with Jayden. I know it can't have meant anything to him, I mean, he was sweet and thoughtful, but he isn't looking for a girlfriend, that was what he said. So it's just for fun, right? I asked Amy in my head, looking at a picture of her smiling.

'Yeah I know I'm right. He's travelling the world, not looking for anything serious, and he can have anyone he wants. Plus I wasn't looking for anything. Just some fun, could be just what I needed. And he was 100% the best sex I've ever had. So what bad could come out of that? He would be gone soon anyway. I might as well just enjoy myself.' I convinced myself, wishing Amy was here to roll her eyes of me rambling. We never really got to the point where she needed to tell me her opinion, I had always made my case and made up my mind, by the time I finished my small speech. Not that, that ever stopped her. I wish I could hear what she would have to say about Jayden.

'I'm going to a charity event today. It's going to be amazing, I'm sure of it. You would have loved something like that. I'll donate something in your name.'  I smiled, looking at the pictures Amy had put up from meeting The Undoing for the first time. God I really didn't like Jayden that day. He seemed like such a dick. But him and Amy just had a connection straight away. It was quite fun to see the pictures taken that day. They're talking in all of them. I'm sure they would have stayed friends for years, if it hadn't been for her ALS. I was concerned in the beginning that there might have been more between them, because of their age difference. But after listening in on one of their conversations, was it clear Jayden didn't see her that way. He didn't even teasingly flirt with her.

A few minutes after 10, was I starting to get impatient. Jayden was still asleep and we had to get going in 2 hours. So I went back into the bedroom Jayden was sleeping in, with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand.

As I entered I saw he was in the same position as I left him in. He had barely moved an inch. I put the mug down on the bedside table, and took him in for a few seconds. The blanket was half off him and I had a clear view of his chest. I couldn't believe I was actually touching those abs a few hours ago. He looked like some Greek god laying there in his sleep.

I slowly crawled back into bed, laid down on my side, and popped my head up on my hand. "Wake up sleepy head." I whispered, brushing his hair away from his forehead as I talked.

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