Chapter 6 - Momoko's Downfall

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It has been exactly one week since Momoko's incident with Kenji and everything had still seemed to be normal...even between Momoko, Chiharu and Aina.

However, Momoko had looks of disgust and whispers aimed at her whenever she went past people through the corridors, in the canteens, in the library and basically, everywhere she went. She honestly didn't think it was that bad and didn't think anything of it until she had opened her locker and many sheets of paper come flying out and flew onto the floor...the paper had names like 'Lesbian!!!' 'Dyke!' 'Homo!!' 'I hate you!!!' 'Gay!!!' 'Die!!!' and many other hurtful messages.

Aina and Chiharu were very shocked just as much as Momoko...Momoko could feel her eyes becoming heavy as if she was about to cry but also feeling frustrated and angry.

Chiharu knelt down and picked up the sheet of paper which said 'Die!!!' and anger started to boil inside of her.

"How the fuck could he? Kenji!!! You bastard!!!"

Momoko was extremely confused as to why Chiharu suddenly had so much hatred for her boyfriend.

"Please don't hate on Kenji-san, Chiharu-chan!! I deserve this because I am disgusting, so please don't blame him!"

Chiharu looked up and stared straight at Momoko, she then stood back and slapped Momoko as hard as she could on the cheek...Momoko was trying really hard to keep her balance while holding her cheek with her hand and then screaming in pain as her eyes were watering.

Aina stared in complete shock and couldn't believe what was happening.

"Momo-chan!!! This is NOT your fault! Do you hear me?? I admit that at first, I was shocked! However, I don't care if you're into girls or boys, I am not going to treat you any differently and neither will Aina!! Right, Aina?"

Aina answered quickly and agreed with Chiharu.

"See? You still have both of your friends and we love you!!"

Momoko's face turned from worry to reassurance.

"...Thank you Chiharu-chan and Aina-chan!"

Momoko then burst into tears and hugged both Aina and Chiharu.

Chiharu then said to Momoko with an unusual look.

"Don't worry Momo-chan, we'll make Kenji pay!"

Momoko was again confused as to why Chiharu wanted to harm Kenji so much, even though he outed her in public, she thought it was strange that Chiharu was determined to get at Kenji and she really wanted to know why.

"Hmm...Chiharu-san!! Is everything ok with you and Kenji? I know what he did to me wasn't very nice, but what are you planning to do to him exactly? Is there anything else he has done besides what he has done to me?"

Chiharu then knew that she couldn't keep Momoko in the dark any longer and decided to tell her about all the things Kenji had done and also told her about Yui as well.

Momoko was shocked but thought revenge was a dangerous game and tried to convince Chiharu not to go through with it...however, Chiharu was so determined to go through with the plan and wanted both Momoko and Aina to both be in with the plan also...Momoko and Aina were both very reluctant to go along but eventually agreed after some persuasion from Chiharu.

Just a few hours had passed since Momoko had opted in Chiharu's revenge plan...she had just finished going to the toilet, had washed her hands and had a long look at herself in the mirror as she was thinking deeply about those notes which flew out of her locker...when she went through the door towards the corridor, she felt herself fall heavily onto the floor and was trying to figure out what had just happened. She cried out in pain from her whole body slamming on the floor...she then slowly turned her head behind her and lifted the top half of her body as the front of her was still facing the floor...she looked up and saw three girls and two guys laughing and pointing their finger at her.

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