He tells you about his past.

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Leondre- "Y/n where are you" Leos voice echoed through the house. You had run out of school earlier this morning but no one seemed to notice. You ran straight to the bathroom and picked up the razor, putting it to your wrist. "Y/n please dont do this" you heard Leondre say from the bathroom door. "Why? Everybody hates me! You dont know how i feel and you can fix everything so stop trying to" you shout at him whilst sliding the razor across your now pale wrist. You didnt mean to shout at him but you needed to let your anger out. Before you could slide the razor over your wrist again Leo knocked it put of your hand, making it fall to the other side of the room. He then wrapped his arms around you, making sure you cant escape. "LET ME GO! IT MAKES THE PAIN GO AWAY!" You yelled at him but he didnt listen. He kept telling you to calm down but it wasnt working. Then he started crying with you. At first you were confused as to why he was crying but then he spoke. "Please stop y/n, i do know how you feel, you feel as if everyone is judging you, you feel like no one loves you, you feel angry, and that the only way to let it all out is to hurt yourself! But trust me y/n, its not! Because i felt like this once too, i cut! Im ashamed of it but its the truth! People think that boys dont hurt like girls but trust me we do. I was going through the exact same thing as you! But what i didnt realise is that i had amazing friends and family around me that loved me! And you do too. You have friends, family and me! You have all of us that will help you get through this. So if you feel like cutting your wrists or anywhere on your body, cut me, take all of your anger out on me" he told you, this just made you cry harder. "Leo i cant" you said, barely a whisper. "Then why do it to yourself" he asked whilst tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. What he said made you think. Think about all the people that are around you and love you. It made you think of all the happy times you've had in your life. It made you think and believe that you are stronger than this! That you can do anything you want to. That you are you, and no one can change that. "Thankyou" was all you could say. "I love you y/n" he said whilst kissing your forehead. "Love you too Leo" you said, cuddling into him more.

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