Chapter 4 the wedding and more

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Izuku POV

It is the morning of my and aiza's wedding. When I woke up all I felt was him hugging me and was looking at me sleeping.

A: Morning babe.
I: Morning.
A: You ready for the wedding later today?
I: Yes I am. Are you?
A: Of course I am.
I: Well since we have time can we snuggle a little longer?
A: Of course we can.

No one POV

When it was time to start the wedding Izu and Shota notice it was more then they thought was there. There were people that put the rule in the school in the first place to see how this will go out and to see if they put school before love. When the whole wedding was done (sorry everyone who wanted every detail like I kinda did in one of my YouTube videos that was bakudeku and one that I will make soon for another ship)the people who made the one rule told principal Nezu he can lift it from the school. Once Nezu told Izu and Shota they where happy they did it for them and the school to no longer have that rule.

Skip to next day

Izuku's POV

When Nezu told me and my babe that he was making dorm rooms for couples that are teacher and student we were happy that I will not have to go back to the student dorms again unless it is to get my things. We only have until next Monday until we can move in and luckily it is by class 1-A dorms so I did not have to go far if I wanted to see my friends. My friends are happy for me if they did know the rule didn't exist anymore and they do not know I got married this weekend.

Talking with Aiza only in class 1-A room

I: I am happy to finally be with you and not hide it at school now.
A: I am also but you know we will need to tell the school the rule no longer a rule during the preperally.
I: So I will have to hide it for a little longer?
A: Yes but I know for a fact your friends don't know you are married.
I: Do not worry about that I know how to come at them with this type of things?
A: Ok if you say so.

After he said that we started kissing. When doing so one of his hands where around my waist and the other on my cheek. For my hands one was on one of his shoulders and the other was on his head so I can reach him. After a few seconds we broke the kiss and was painting for air.

We did the same thing a couple of times after we cought our breaths. We stop knowing students will be coming in soon after a few minutes.

Talking before anyone could come in
I: It looks like we will have to stop it is almost time for people to come into the classroom.
A: Ok I get it other wise they will think we are braking a rule when we ain't.
I: Exactly.
A: We should really finish what we started later after we pack some.
I: Yes that is right.

No one POV

When Izu looked at the time he gave Aiza one last kiss and hug before sitting at his desk. Aizawa know he had to see Izu sit at the deck but he still wanted to hold him but he knows it was for the best so he went to grade papers that he had left to do.

Izuku's POV

When I sat down I couldn't help but notice that me and my babe didn't want to leave eachother's embrace. He almost looked sad but he remembers it is for the best. Then I suddenly got a text from Nezu? Once I looked at it it said he lifted another rule and this one is that we do not have to wear uniforms anymore and it looks like I have to announce that to the school. So that is why he wanted me to bring any everyday clothes. It looks like I also have to tell Aiza about this and I will before we are all at the gym.

Talking with Uraraka and Iida
U: Hi did you both heard the news that we have a special surprise today?
Iida: I didn't hey how about we all sit together if we can.
Deku: Ya that will be ok?
U: Oh hey Izu why were you not at the dorm this weekend?
D: I was with my mom and did things that are not very important.
U: Oh and that is.
D: Well one and only thing is that I had a wedding yesterday.
U: Wait so you and your boyfriend got married.
D: Yep.
U: Ok now I need to know who is your husband Deku-kun.
D: I will show you later and it looks like Aizawa sensei is about to start teaching.
U: Well ok then.

Skip to when everyone going to the gym which is were the pep is

Talking with only Aizawa in room
I: I will have to change now because I have an announcement about the uniforms.
A: Ok I will start do you remember your enter words.
I: Yes I do.

What deku is going to change into

Well this should do now I have to wait

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Well this should do now I have to wait.

Aizawa POV talking

"Ok we have some announcements to tell you all and one person in Class 1-A is saying one of them and he is..."

Izuku POV

When I heard my signal I walked to Aiza to know I will have to be brave by this. Once I was by Aiza I couldn't help but see so many confuse looks but at least the uniform rule was up.

N: Ok UA Izuku Midoriya has some news about rules and so dose Aizawa.
I: Ok one of the rules is about the uniforms starting today we will not have to wear them unless you are on a school trip.
A and I: The other news is...
I: That the rule that a student can not date and/or love a teacher is now no longer a rule. *looks at aiza to indicate he can say the rest.*
A: *puts arms around deku.* The only reason why that is no longer a rule is because me and Midoriya had to get married yesterday to show the people that did made the rule at first see that you can be with someone that usually you couldn't as long as we know what to do at curtain times.
I: *holds onto the hands and leans against Aizawa.*
N: If anyone dose something they should not do otherwise regardless of the new changes one the person who dose something wrong will be forced to go back to being in the uniform and it is for only that person. You all may leave now.

As they left I found myself being swept off my feet by no other than Aiza.

I: Why are you holding me?
A: Because I wanted to take you off of your pertty little feet.
I: You know it still school right?
A: I know but I will still want to hold you in my arms and besides Nezu letted me do this.
I: Ok but can you not make this into a habit.
A: I will try not to.
I: Good.
Not talking

Aiza then started to carry me to the classroom and when he was doing that I just put my head in the crook of his neck. Once we reach the classroom he still didn't put me down so I was thinking he wanted to either sleep with me or he wants me to teach the class with him since I of course have all my assignments done from here to the end of the school year.

In the classroom

A: Hey class today is a free day do whatever you want just don't bug me and Izu.
Class:*thinking* Did he said Izu?
Class: Ok.
Talking ended

So I was right he wanted to sleep with me well at least I was tired.

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