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♡ 465,295 likes || 12,397 commentsclaireshepherd- hiddleston finally came to visit!!tagged: tomhiddleston, chrisevans, imsebastianstan pc: scarjo

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465,295 likes || 12,397 comments
claireshepherd- hiddleston finally came to visit!!
tagged: tomhiddleston, chrisevans, imsebastianstan
pc: scarjo

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imsebastianstan- you give her pic cred but dont give me video creds??
claireshepherd- bc your videos of me aren't cute
imsebastianstan- oh stop it. that's not true.

anthonymackie- once again i'm not invited
claireshepherd- you said, and i quote, "i don't
feel like dealing with you idiotic children"
anthonymackie- touché

username- this cast is great 😂

username- omg they're with tom!!
claireshepherd- dont get any ideas. loki is
(sadly) not in the movie

username- the fact that they're still friends is just wonderful
username- yeah, well not everyone is immature

tomhiddleston- i had a great time with you guys! we'll have to meet up again before i leave!
chrisevans- of course!
imsebastianstan- anytime! it was great to meet

username- theyre all so goofy i love it

scarjo- thanks for letting me get in one
claireshepherd- YOU SAID YOU DIDNT
scarjo- shhh let me live

username- look at all my babies ❤️

username- i want a friendship like theirs
username- i just want a friend
username- aww i'll be your friend 😊

username- ^ this is the greatest thing i have seen all day

username- god bless the internet
chrisevans- god bless america



lmao that manip is shit

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