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“Your father is going to kill me.”

Caroline winks before swiftly pressing a soft kiss onto David’s cheek. He sighs, letting the taste her honey, scarlet lips linger on his face.

            “He won’t touch a single hair when I’m there, but if I’m not then you are all on your own.”

She teases.

David flushes.

            “Well aren’t you such a helper,” snides David. Maneuvering with the telescope, he angles it a few times before finally finding the perfect place for the both of them to witness. “And...Viola. We can see stars.”

She releases a squeal, shooing David off to the side as she takes a good look herself. This was her first time ever seeing stars so close, almost reachable, just a finger’s grasp. It always astonishes her how incredible the world can be. It always astonishes her how incredible the world is.

            “If only I had a catcher big enough I’d tie a hook and keep all of the stars in the sky.”

David reaches in his pack and takes out his binoculars, ringing it around his neck, and inhales the fresh autumn breeze.

            “That would be pretty heavy to carry around darling. Also quite impossible.”

She shushes him, slapping his arm while she continues to name each and every single star she sees. “Olly, Franklin, Bash, Everett, and Pickle,” Caroline picks with her pinky all the way down to her thumb.

            “Darling how does a star look like a pickle?”

With a hand to her hip, she tears her eyes away and pierces them onto David’s, who patiently waits for her response with an amused grin.

            “There are a bunch of them jumbled up together and all spread out pickle-like.”

            “One of the best explanations I’ve ever heard. Einstein should be proud right about now,” David claps his hands together as she bows down.

            “Why thank you, I will take my trophy now.”

Caroline wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer until their faces were merely inches apart. The binoculars in his hands drop on the floor and fall delicately on her waist, caressing each part of her like a dream he doesn’t want to let go.

            “You know these stars are nothing compared to the shine in your eyes,” He tells her, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear and tracing the outline of her face. “It’s not even a contest.”

She brushes off the compliment and rolls her eyes, “Honestly David, if you’re trying to charm me it’s not going to work. I’m already yours.”

His face lights up at the affirmation, “Think again my pickle darling because I’m never going to stop. From the moment you wake, I will sing to you sonnets and poems.”

She softly guffaws at the romantic gesture, “As long as you’re here with me, I don’t care if you sing Johnny Cash.”

His lips briefly falter, knowing deep in him that time is inevitable and sooner or later their paths will lead them into discrepant directions. But this wasn’t the time or place for any of those negative feelings. This moment is about them. David and Caroline.

            “I want to show you something,” He laces their fingers in one, a pleasing look on his face on how perfectly fit they are, like the last piece to the puzzle, intricately crafted to mold which mirror them.

Caroline quirks a brow, wondering what the boy is up to, as he leads her towards the staircase. Once they reach a top, he moves his body back so that they are chest to chest. She thinks a loud to what his intentions are. This wasn’t the first time she’s been to his roof.

            “Close your eyes,” David instructs her, maneuvering as she tries getting past him.


            “It’s a surprise darling, please.”

Stomping the floor, Caroline gradually obliges, covering her eyes as well to humor him. Slowly jingling the key, he aides her towards inside and helping her sit down as he tells her to wait.

            “How long do I have to close my eyes?”

            “Just a bit.”

            “Hurry baby I’m getting anxious here!”

            “Patience is a virtue.”

            “David Milton I swear I will hog tie your legs to a barn if this is a trick like last time,” She adds, pointing her hand in skewed places, trying to pinpoint exactly where he is. He opens up a match and works vigorously lighting up every single candle surrounding them. Caroline’s patience was running thin but before she could do anything, he finally tells her its fine and slowly she flutters her eyes open.

It was like a dream. The room was lightly dimmed with candles creating a heart around the center. To the side there was an arrangement of sunflower petals surrounding the blanket that covers their dinner for tonight. Caroline scans the room, remembering every little detail to fill her dreams at night and close to her heart.

Finally, David puts in a CD.

            “Do you like it?” He questions nervously, his hands behind his back, awaiting her reaction.

Covering her mouth, she doesn’t trust her words and nods her head vigorously, still shell shocked over the grand gesture.

            “You did all this? For me?”

He stares down at his shoes, “My ma gave her two cents on how to arrange things and the food preferences, but I cleaned this place out all by myself.”

            “I love it,” Caroline hums excitedly.


            “This is what they write about in books and fairytales,” She murmurs still in awe. “I feel like a princess.”

            “Are you happy?”

            “Yes,” She pecks his lips, leaving him breathless.  "I still don’t understand why you do this. Why do you make me feel so special?”

Swinging her arm, he twirls her around in a circle and bringing her back to his side again. A bashful grin graces her face.

            “Because you are. You’re more than a star. Caroline, you’re the whole sky.”

She lifts her head up and gets a good look at him to find him already staring down at her. This was it. It didn’t matter that the candles were already dying out or the fact that the stereo was broken, the only thing did mattered to them was each other and for now that was all they needed.

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