Chapter 22

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"I hate this stupid place." Lance groaned. "It's like hell inside a jail cell, inside hell."

"Come on babe!" Keith sighed dragging Lance out of the school.  "Lighten up! Just think we have all of our classes together and it's almost the end of the school year!"

"Thankfully!" Lance exclaimed turning around and flipped the school off. "I'm so done with this place!"

"I think we all are Lance." Shiro said walking up to the two males.

Keith's phone than rang out, the sound drifting through the air.

"What the-? Mom?" Keith questioned.

"Hey Keith. Um I did something..." Krolia trailed off.

"Mom." Keith mumbled into the phone. "What did you do?"

Shiro and Lance looked at Keith.

"Well you see I couldn't leave her on the side of the road and well I may have brought her home." Krolia squeaked.

"Who mom?" Keith asked. "Who did you bring home?"

"Just come home and you'll see." Krolia quickly said and hung up the phone.

"I have to go. My mom brought someone or something home." Keith said.

"Do you need a drive?" Lance asked waving his keys around. "I have my moms car."

"That would be great. Thanks." Keith smiled. "We will see you later Shiro."

"See you guys later." Shiro said walking away, getting into his own car.

"I would stay but I have to go help my mother with something." Lance sighed getting into the driver seat.

"Its okay Lance." Keith replied sitting in the passenger seat. "You're welcome whenever you know."

Lance smiled. "I'm going soft because of you Keith."

"Is that a good thing?" Keith questioned.

Lance nodded. "Its a very good thing. Who knows what I could've done."

The boys sat in silence the rest of the way to Keith's house.

"I'll see you later." Keith said leaning over to give Lance a kiss.

Lance return the kiss but when Keith turned around to get out of the car he said "one more."

Keith laughed. "One more." And give him another kiss..

"One more."


"One more."


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