Veterans of Love (Skipper_019)

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Veterans of Love

Lips touch

A skill perfected

From playground practice

And sleepless nights-

Bodies moving,

Hands groping, grasping

Desperate to feel skin on skin

Dying to feel just a moment of pleasure -

Veterans of love

A new bed again,

New man, new lady

Barely remembering each other's names-

Maybe this time it changes,

Maybe this time something real

Something meaningful, beautiful,

Not what they were used to-

But most likely morning will come

And they'll share their awkward goodbyes,

The night will be lost,

A memory or possibly a dream-

A dream of what could have happened,

Entwined hands on Sunday walks,

Tender kisses, loving touches,

Whispered "I love you"s when all felt lost-

Lips touch

The passion is there,

But emotion is not, for who,

Who would give happiness to those

Who play with love?

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