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Yn's pov:
I wake up to smell of pancakes yumm (if you don't like pancakes you can change) I get out of bed and walk downstairs to the kitchen. I rubbed my eyes and is greeted by my family.
"Good morning"- they all said
"Good morning"- I said still rubbing my eyes
"How did you sleep"- my mom says with a smile
"Good"- Yn
"Great"- father
I sat down and looked at the food yum, I look up and then see my family all happy, god I missed them. Then we ate.
Dante's pov:
I woke up and still pissed a bit at Aidan for what he did yesterday. I get greeted from the gang, Julia, Hannah,Michael,Richard,Matteo,Mattues and you know the rest. They say good morning and I say it back. I get dressed, we went out to eat cause why not. We were all just eating until Julia brought up Yn.
"Sooo Dante tell us, you and Yn?"-Julia
"What?"- I said blushing
"Ooo he's blushing"- Hannah
"I'm not"- I said trying to hid it
"Yes you are"- the guys said
"Fck off"- I said
We all laugh.
Yn's pov:
I was laying on my bed, my parents told me to get up and that we are going to meet new people, I got out of bed and got dress, I wore leggings and a Friends crop shirt. I get in the car and we are all going to this house, my mom knocks on the door and a dog runs up to me, cute. A boy walks out.
"Hi you guys must be the *your last name*"- the boy said
He's pretty cute
"Yes we are, these are my kids, Matthew, Yn, Chris, Isabella, and Sophia"- my mom said
A lady walks to the door it must be his mother.
"Oh great you guys could make it come in"- said the lady
"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't introduced my self I'm Chase, Chase Hudson"- Chase said
"Nice to meet you Chase"- Yn
"You too" Chase said smiling
Chase and me talked talked for a while and got to know each other better.

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Fan 3: did Yn say she loves Dante
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^dam Yn and Chase? Sorry I don't know any other characters to add sooo^

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