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Back when I was still young,
Back when I played for joy and fun
My momma complimented me of my ability often,
to inspect things so certain
to choose the most of it back then
I never got it wrong but came the adolescence,

Like a catastrophe I couldn't handle
Things around me started to have me bumble
They wanted me to play not for joy not for fun, but the run
Where I lost, always
There was no way
I could make a win
Running away was easier, so I sticked to it

I built so little than what I destroyed
And I feel no good about so, in my helicoid

Don't want you to snatch it back
Don't want you to make me void

I admit I never had my way with people,
I wanted not to be that one drop in their life that rippled
Or that I couldn't become

And so I was wronged,
Wronged with wrong person,
Wrong person who carried wrong intentions

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