Poets Pub (MysteriousDryad)

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Poets Pub

Welcoming poets from

far and wide

young and old

to gather around

and have fun

There is no capacity limit

A seat is always open

You will be welcomed

With open arms

Judgement, Egos

and Differences

are left at the door

as we all are one race here

Now lets celebrate the

4th Anniversary

of the this wonderful family!

Let's thank @BillTemple1957

for finding PoetsPub and

for not giving up on the Pub

even when people said it would

surely fall

Let's thank @MystresMyna

for joining Bill in the

development of the Pub

and for becoming First Lady

of this fantastic Pub

Let's thank @lyttlejoe

for being a continuous

supporter here in the Pub

and for being

friends to many poets

here in this family

And last but not least,

let's thank the members

for helping make the

Pub what it is now

Without y'all

there would be no place

to come home to

after a very long day

Thank you PoetsPub

and let this Pub see many

more years and anniversaries

in the future

Long live PoetsPub!!

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