Chapter 18-Knock on Wood

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I didn't really want to come to this. Crystal really is nuts. Who would she cry over such a pathetic excuse of a man? Darren used her completely. Maybe she's crying for what he did to her. Wouldn't surprise me if she's just now realizing it.

His portrait is set over his coffin. One of the men who came with the funeral party removes it from the casket and hands it off to Crystal. The priest starts talking again as he's lowered into the ground. 

I think it's a little late to try saving his soul, but who am I to stop him from blessing the fang-face now that he's where he belongs. In hell. It's a pretty satisfying feeling.

Really, I hope we can leave soon because these metal chairs are freezing cold. Colin is at home babysitting the demon spawns with Tommy of all people. If they were left watching over the two of my children I'd probably have a heart attack. I can't say I mind now since the children are vampires. They're stronger than regular human or coven babies. They also know how to get what they want.

I swear they cry on purpose just so Val gives in easier and feeds them her own blood.

They must be hungry now too cause she's scratching her neck. A habit I've noticed she does when the babies want blood. She did tell me she was bitten there too, but I rather forget the story. 

I adjust my white gloves glaring at the sobbing couple beside me. I swear they're paid actors. There's barely anyone here. "Figures it'd rain. Justice maybe in its own right," I mumble under my breath.

"Give me a break," I huff to Valerie after watching Jackson give a practiced speech about how Darren once was an innocent little vampire boy.

Valerie's mascara is kind of smudged thanks to the rain and her eyeliner is smeared too. "It's almost over," she whispers.

I'm not really sure if it's the rain that's messed up her makeup though. It was blowing around earlier. Valerie usually doesn't wear her hair up in a bun, but today she is. It's very neat and I don't see a hair out of place despite the humidity in the air. We both wear black pencil skirts and matching nylons and heels. She's wearing a black blouse with a dark grey jacket in contrast to my navy blue long-sleeved sweater.  

Crystal moves away from the grave only because Jackson walked up to her and offered her his umbrella.

Valerie's familiar isn't buried next to his family. It was too crowded in this area of the cemetery. They had him and the other convicted vampires buried closer down by the road on the outer area of the cemetery. They did say a few words for him, but not many. Darren was who the funeral was for anyway. Out of the two sadistic brothers, he had last dirt on his name.

Well, looks like Darren's officially in his grave now. Guess we can finally leave. 

"Ready to go?" I ask Valerie.

"I want to go to his grave I think."

"Valerie," I say lightly, "Do you really think that's a good idea? There are people here watching us. You don't want any more rumors spreading around about you and him. Leave the past in the past."


Stella hands me her black umbrella while using her magic to keep from getting drenched in the rain. She pulls on her tan trench coat and sunglasses.

"Just give me five minutes. Go on ahead with Jackson and Crystal," I tell her.


I turn around and follow the row of graves down toward the parking lot. Instead of taking the main path out toward the cemetery exit, I turn left and continue down the row of graves. Stella actually parked almost right behind their graves. There's probably just ten feet from Nick's grave and the crumbling wall of the cemetery. Stella's sedan sits just on the other side.

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