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Sophia's POV

Her face was torn up with gashes down her torso and legs. I pull her head on my lap and quickly put my ear to her nose to check her nose. I lay her head back on the ground and stand up.

"She's dead," I sigh and tell Titus and back away from her body.

"Who is she and why is her body on my land?" He asks me. I let out a loud sigh and look at her lifeless body letting the memories sink back in. I open my mouth to start telling him but then I realize that he doesn't know that I was kidnaped my rogues when I was younger.

"I'll tell you later. I think I need to tell you with Brody and Jacob," I tell him. He walks over to the body and picks something of of her. He holds it up to show me.

"A note?" I ask. Why would there be a note on her body.

"Do you remember how I told you about threats made towards us because we're mated?" He asks me. I think back to the conversation and nod.

"Well we just got our 2nd threat."

"What does it say?" I ask walking up next to him.
"I warned you to stay away. We will take back what was ours and we won't stop until I have her," he read out to the group. I was right the rouges are coming after me again.

"You will not be taken back there," James says standing up furious. His hands slam the table then he runs them through his hair.

"Am I missing something here?" Brody asks with a look of confusion on his face. I look at my parents and they gave me a nod of approval. I take in a deep breath preparing myself.

I take a seat next to Titus on the couch he was sitting on and lean on him. I saw Terry visibly tense and Kira glared at me. Pshhh like I would take her man.

"When I was maybe 15 years old I was kidnapped by rogues and hold hostage for 1/2 a year. I felt Titus' body tense so he put his nose in my neck.

"There was this guy that starved me and another one that would do tests on me. I have a birthmark they mentioned apparently it made it where they couldn't take me as theirs." Titus started to growl but I laid my hand in his lap.

"Calm down," I whisper to him. He tried to relax but he still had the look of revenge in his eyes.

"Okay what does this have to do with with the lady you found?" Brody asks.

"She would bring me food after they would do test on me and help me gain my strength back," I explain. Without her I don't think I would have made it in there. They always forgot to feed me so she saved my life.

"Why would they want you back now?" Jacob asks from the little corner he was standing in.

"I think it has something to do with this birthmark. They would try to cut it off, burn it, all sorts of things but it still stayed like that."

"Why is it still coming back," the main guy growled. He threw the knife at the wall and slammed his fist into the wall.

"It's a blessing there's no way to remove it from her," the other guy said. I think his name was Joshua. My body slumped on the ground with my wrist still changed to the wall. The man grabs the knife of the ground and picks my head up.

"You will be mine soon. I will have you as mine," he says tracing the knife across my chin.
End of Flashback

I saw my parents and James tense up. It was hard to tell but I saw their facials change. I stand up and pull my shirt down my shoulder and showed them my birthmark.

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