Chapter 5 - The Outing

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It is 9.30pm and Aina is in her dormitory while studying Japanese.

She had many audio CDs and books which she was learning from...she was then distracted as her thoughts had wandered off somewhere else...

"Hideki? Was that his name?" She thought to herself. She didn't know why but she wanted to see him again...her mind then went to another scenario...the kiss between her and Chiharu. She could picture the kiss in her mind and how it felt so hard to break from the kiss...but was this because she enjoyed kissing girls...back in Norway, she had always kissed her friends for fun...or was it because the kiss had actually meant something?

Aina then decided to give Chiharu a call.

Ring Ring...Aina calls Chiharu on her mobile phone and then Chiharu picks up the phone.

"Hello? Aina-chan? Why are you calling at this hour?" Chiharu laughed a little but had a little tiredness in her voice.

"Oh...I do apologize Chiharu-chan but please can I chat to you for a few minutes?" Aina was a little nervous but felt comfortable chatting to Chiharu at the same time.

Chiharu replied. "Sure, what is it?"

"Please, can you come over tonight?... I would like to discuss some things with you and I don't want to discuss it over the phone..." Aina said in a calm but hesitant tone.

Chiharu was a little confused but thought that it would be fun and had agreed to go to Aina's dormitory and stay with her.

20 minutes later and Chiharu arrives at Aina's dormitory and they both hug each other.

"Hello, Aina-chan! It's good to see you again...please can I use the bathroom?" Chiharu said calmly.

Aina nodded her head up and down and approved Chiharu's question. Chiharu then came out of the bathroom five minutes later and saw Aina crunched up in a ball on the bed and in tears...Chiharu quickly rushed over to her friend and put her arm around her shoulder while rubbing Aina's back and asking what was up with her, she had a deep look of concern on her face.

Aina turned to hug Chiharu. She felt comfortable in Chiharu's arms and felt a warm embrace within her and because of this, Aina had calmed down and wiped her tears away before she began to speak.

"...I'm sorry Chiharu-chan...I'm just very emotional right now and I needed someone to talk to and confide in...I need to ask you something...please can you listen to me?"

Chiharu looked at Aina for a few seconds while rubbing her back gently to try and comfort her and smiled.

"Yes...what is it Aina-chan? You can tell me anything...what is bothering you?"

Aina then looked at Chiharu with a seriousness which got Chiharu's full attention.

"Is there something wrong with me, Chiharu-chan?"

Chiharu was confused but wanted to know more details.

", of course not...why do you ask? Is everything ok?"

Aina hesitated for a couple of seconds before speaking again.

", not really...Kenji approached me earlier today...he told me that I should go back to Norway where I belong and that nobody wants me here and that it's his country..."Aina's tears started to drop again...Chiharu was in shock and had a look of disgust on her face.

"OH MY GOD!! He actually said that to you? What a stupid idiot!! Don't worry Aina-chan...Kenji will not get away with saying those things to you and you have every right to be in this country just like everyone else here...I will talk to him and make him explain himself, ok? You are wanted here...and this is your dream, right? You have every right?!!"

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