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"You're always my Hero, Anna Mae"

Babysitting Abel was always Anna's favorite thing to do every day after work. The three month old was always cheerful when he saw his favorite girl walk into the room. His blue eyes was just like his daddy. His smile was his mother's, Even though Anna hated to admit it. He looks a lot like Wendy. Jax's junkie ex wife.

Jax was out late on a run, Anna was used to it. Honestly, Abel was more interaction and she loved it. Jax always let her stay the night when he was out late, and he was the most romance she would ever get because no man who knows her and who she was associated with, would touch her with a ten foot poll.

"Coming baby" Anna sung out when she heard Abel crying from his nursery down the hall. Walking in and turning on the light-switch. "Hi handsome!" Abel instantly stopped crying and cooed up at her. She picked him up and walked him over to the changing table. She unbuttoned his onesie and breathed sharply inhaling his shitty diaper.

"Oh boy. That ranks bud" He giggles at her and she shakes her head. Grabbing the wipes and a new diaper. She quickly changed him. Buttoning back up his adorable blue onesie, she picked him up, putting him against her chest. "Let's go make your baba."

Anna switched him from against her chest to a cradle in her arms so it was easier to make the bottle of formula . Sticking it into the microwave, she let it warm up to the perfect temperature and took it out. Testing it on her skin before putting it in his mouth. She walked to Jax's room and climbed into her bed with Abel. Putting him on his back after he fell asleep drinking the milk. She woke him up to burp and let him go back to sleep. Putting him on his back next to her, she scooter down in the bed and turned on Netflix. Clicking through all the shows and movies, she went straight for a Supernatural. Her favorite show of all time.

Jax unlocked the front door of his house, and by how quiet it was. He knew Anna and Abel were already asleep. Setting his keys down and taking off his glasses and cut. He wandered towards the back of his house through the hallway, his bedroom door was cracked. And as he pushed it open. The sight before him made his heart whole. Anna was cuddled into his bed with Abel cuddled into her side . His hand on her chest comfortably. Supernatural was playing softly, per usual. He smiled and undressed. Climbing into bed beside his two favorite people, falling soundly asleep.
Jax woke up and instantly smelled bacon and pancakes from in the kitchen. He smiled to himself at the sound of soft country music playing and giggling. He threw off the covers and stood up. Throwing a shirt on and a pair of clean jeans. He strutted into the kitchen with messy hair .

Anna was too busy dancing with Abel to realize Jax leaning against the wall watching them from across the kitchen. He was smiling.

"Jesus Christ , morning Jax" Anna stopped in her tracks and deep deep breaths after almost screaming at Jax's sudden presence.

"Morning ,beautiful" he smirked and kissed Abel on he head , before taking him so Anna could make her plate. Along with his. Placing his plate down in front of him he smiled up at her.

"Yeah" Jax says into his phone after it started ringing. "Okay .on my way." He closed the burner and looked at Anna apologetically.

"I'll take him to your moms, don't worry." Anna says after taking a drink of her coffee. Looking over at Abel who Jax placed in his swing not too long ago.

"You're always my hero, Anna Mae" Jax kisses her head and hugs her tightly.

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