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Ever since I was about the age of 10, I was more aware of the absence of my mom and dad. It's not like they were never around, it's just when they were gone on business trips, they left for days. Sometimes weeks, even. Sure, I had friends and neighbors, but it's different from having your parents around. One of my neighbors eventually caught on and began making sure I was safe, but other than that no one looked out for me. It never really affected me, I'd always liked to think of myself as a lone wolf, but that was before I knew that I would never see my parents again. 

I was sitting in a dingy motel, heaving my sick stomach into a toilet bowl while bawling my eyes out. The shower was running burning water. 3 wallets, two of them had belonged to my parents, were thrown on the floor along with my backpack, which was carrying the only other belongings I had. Everything I owned before was gone.

The girl I was this morning, her destiny along the horizon... The girl who had been accepted to NYU since she'd dreamed of it her entire life. The girl who'd had friends and family that loved her. The girl who'd spent hours training herself to be the best possible version of herself... was gone. Now, she was replaced by broken pieces. Everything the old me had strived for was gone.

My parents were murdered right in front of me, only about an hour ago. It's terrifying how fast things can change. Especially when you don't know exactly what had happened. Especially... When you don't know what else could be out there.


I wake up Tuesday morning, sunlight pouring into my white-walled bedroom at 7 AM. I stretch my arms above my head and twist my back to liven my muscles. My parents were getting home today from their long, two week business trip. I smile and sit up in bed, my messy hair falling down my back in tangles. School recently got out, so I don't have any obligation to go anywhere at all. I hop up to make myself breakfast.

I was nearly finished cooking pancakes when I hear a knock on the front door. I walk down the bright hallway past a mirror, flattening my hair when I see it's still a mess. I open the door, seeing two men I'd never seen before. I look them up and down, their suits leading me to believe they may be here on serious business. One has hazel eyes, and long brown hair. He's noticeably taller than the other, blonde, one. I take a second to look at the shorter man. He has bright green eyes, and although he's shorter than the man next to him he has to be at least six foot. After a second I realize I'm staring and see that the blonde one is giving me a devilish smile. I flick my eyes over to the taller one. 

"Can I help you guys?" I ask, closing the door slightly. Strangers make me nervous. I've always been the suspicious type, my parents teased me when I was little and they were around more. They flash a pair of badges at me, and I furrow my brows in confusion. Why is the FBI here?

"Yes, I'm Agent Whick," The tall man says, then, pointing a thumb at his blonde companion says, "This is Agent Mathers. Are your parents here?" 

"No, they'll actually be here a little later. Would you rather come back then?" I ask. Agent Mathers places a hand on his pocket, seeming surprised.

"No, I think you can help." He says. I only nod, unable to imagine what they could possible need me for.

Agent Whick continues, "We're here to ask if you know anything about the disappearance of Ashlyn White." He asks, staring at me curiously. I look over to Agent Mathers, and see that he's staring at me with he same curiosity. Ashlyn's one of my friends from school who had been missing for about two days. She's left this party my friend has been hosting with a guy none of us had ever seen before. They only could find the purse she had been carrying, covered in some weird liquid. That's all I've been told from the news, and it's strange as hell. I've never heard of anything like it before. 

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