Diana Prince- Destiny (c)

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 "Please Diana," you begged.

She shook her head, grabbing hold of her sword, ready to leave.

"You say this is your destiny, that the fates do not want us together but how do you know that?" You called out to her.

You loved Diana dearly, you had for as long as you could remember. She had always believed that she was meant for greater things that Themyscira didn't hold. That was one thing that you loved about her. She was one of the most ambitious people that you had met, that was one thing that had made you full in love with her.

Although she was ambitious, you assumed she would never leave Themyscira, that she would keep her duties as princess and one day Queen, rather than seeking adventures outside of the safety of your home. That wasn't the case. With a man crossing the border and almost dying, Diana had saved him and brought him in to care for him. He told her of the war that plagued men and she saw her chance to finally fight Ares and save the world from the hell that he put the world through.

She had stolen what she needed and came home to say goodbye, but you weren't going to let her just leave without talking this through.

"I know that the gods want more from me than to take the throne," she stated. "I need to go and kill Ares. No one else can kill the god of war."

You shook your head. Her ambition would be the death of her, but you knew there was no stopping her. She wanted to fight, and she would regardless of what you wanted.

"Then I shall come with you," you said.

"No." She frowned. "You cannot. It is too dangerous, and it is not right for you. Your place is here in Themyscira."

"No, my place is by your side."

Diana dropped her sword so that she could rest her hands upon your arms, to comfort you. She leaned in to press a gentle kiss to your lips.

"I cannot put you in danger. I am going to go to the centre of the war, that is no place for the woman I love," she said softly.

"Do not be stupid. Love conquers all," you smiled. "You cannot stop me Diana. You are leaving so that you can follow your destiny and being with you is my destiny. If I cannot stop your destiny, you cannot stop mine."

She offered you another loving smile, kissing you again but far more passionately than before.

"I love you Y/N," she smiled softly. "And that's why this will be so hard."

Before you could question it, Diana's fist collided with your face, knocking you to the ground and allowing you to succumb to darkness.


Written by Charlotte.

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