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You had been an Avenger since they had been created, this is because you were already an agent with Shield for years. But as the Avengers began to grow and expand, the tower became a lot more crowded and you couldn't do the things you used to love doing. Like walking around in your pyjamas when no one was home or singing and dancing loudly. Now everyone had their own space and tended not to keep to it.
And when Steve brought home Bucky, you took a liking to him, he intrigued you. You sort of developed a small crush on the quiet man, and he like you back. He thought you were the sexiest thing he had ever set eyes on and had more wet dreams about you than nightmares about hydra.

One day in the tower, it was almost completely empty

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One day in the tower, it was almost completely empty. Half the team was away on a mission in Mexico and the rest were off doing their own things. Naturally, you took the opportunity for it to be like old times and reminisce in the memory of a quieter tower, by walking around in your pyjamas. You wore nothing but your underwear and an oversized band tee that reached your thighs while you danced around the kitchen and made yourself something to eat.
Bucky too had noticed how quiet the tower was, but knowing Steve was in Mexico, had never planned on leaving his room.
That was until he heard the music.
He quietly made his way to the kitchen to see who it was, noticing you, he stood in the doorway to watch. He observed you as you busted out horrible dance moves and sang out of key but knew all the words. Slightly aroused, he watched carefully as you bit into a strawberry, it's juice dripping down your chin. Deciding that this was rather creepy, he made his presence known. "Remind me to never take you dancing." He said over the music, making you jump and turn to see who it was.
"Bucky, you scared me." You said with a hand over your beating heart.
He raised a brow, trying to keep his lingering gaze away from your bare legs. "Yeah, well you scared me with your singing." He smirked.
A blush appeared on your cheeks as you turned back to coating strawberries in melted chocolate. "Sorry about that." You got embarrassed.
"No, it's ok." Bucky made his way over to you, leaning against the counter and putting a hand on your lower back. "I thought it was cute."
"Really?" You asked, frowning slightly.
He nodded, smiling a little. "Yeah, your choice of outfit is killing me though."
You glanced down at your legs, noticing you weren't wearing pants. "Oh, I'm sorry, I completely forgot, I thought the tower was empty." You pulled the bottom of the shirt down wishing it was longer.
"No, it's fine, I'm just not used to it, I guess." You smiled at him awkwardly, not knowing anything else to say.
"Strawberry?" You offered, holding up the chocolate covered fruit and watching as it dripped. Bucky opened his mouth, allowing you to bring it closer to his lips and watch as he bit down on it. You pulled the stork away from him as he began to slowly chew, not breaking eye contact with you.
"Thanks." He said, licking the chocolate off of his lips. You were suddenly aware of the fact he still hadn't removed his hand from your back, this making you subconsciously move closer to him.
Trying to shake the dirty thoughts out of your head, you picked up the can of whipped cream, holding your head back as you squirted a large amount into your mouth. Bucky chuckled as you smiled at him. "Attractive." He joked at your behaviour.
"Well," You shrugged. "I got no one to please."
He nodded at you, taking the can from your hand and copying your action. "Me either."
There was a short silence as Bucky simply watched you dip your strawberries and eat one every now and then before you spoke up again. "Can I tell you something, Bucky?" He nodded his head, confused. "I think your a very nice person, and I've always kind of liked you." You told him, surprising him. "Like, everyone makes you out to be some sort of villain but, I just think you were in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Bucky was at a loss for words for a second. "Thank you, Y/N, that means a lot."
You nodded, accepting his gratitude. "Plus your really hot." You joked, making him laugh. "Like, super soldier, yes please." You laughed along with him.
The short silence that followed was interrupted by Bucky this time. "Can I tell you something now,
"You can tell me anything, hun." You told him, making him smile.
He hesitated. "I think I have a crush on you." He squinted, closing one eye slightly.
You simply smiled, moving the chocolate covered spoon to his lips and coating the bottom one. You then stood on your tippy toes to kiss him, sucking the chocolate from his mouth. "I think I have a crush on you too, Bucky." You say, letting him pull you back in via your waist to kiss you again.
As things got more heated between you, Bucky pushed you up to sit on the bench so you were more his height, standing between your legs as he kissed your neck. Taking things slowly, he pulled your shirt up over your head as he continued to slowly suck on your sweet spot, making you moan. You copied his action, lifting his shirt off too. Then you stuck your fingers into the bowl of whipped cream, pulling him away from your neck so you could put your fingers in his mouth. He moaned, licking them both clean before he copied your action with the melted chocolate. You palmed him through his jeans as you licked each of his fingers individually, being as seductive as you could. When you were done, and his fingers where clean, he pulled them away from your face and shoved them down into your panties, circling your clit. He muffled your moans with his mouth, connecting it with yours as the taste of whipped cream mixed in your mouths with the taste of chocolate.
"Bucky..." You whispered when you got the chance, making him groan in pleasure and push a finger through your folds into your pussy, then one more. You moaned loudly, only hoping the tower was still empty as Bucky unclasped your bra and sucked on your nipple.
Suddenly your phone buzzed beside you on the bench, seeing it was Tony, you declined the call and carried on. But when it buzzed the second time you answered, trying to stay quiet. "What the hell could you possibly want?" You asked as Bucky continued to finger you.
"I want your dirty ass off my kitchen counter, that's what I want!" He said through the phone making you pause and lift Bucky's head.
"What?" You asked, hoping he doesn't know what he's talking about.
He sighed sharply. "Get. Out. Of. My. Kitchen. Right. This. Second." He said making you jump down from the bench and grab your clothes, Bucky following confused.
"How did you even know?!" You asked, pulling Bucky by the hand into your bedroom.
Bucky chuckled at your reddened face. "Jarvis said there was a disturbance in the kitchen, here's me thinking it was an intruder, no, it's just you and Barnes fucking on my counters."
You sigh, moving your phone to hang up. "Fuck off, Tony."
You threw your phone onto your couch, turning back to face Bucky. "Stark just caught us hooking up." He said, causing both of you to laugh.
You grab Bucky and lay him down on the bed. "I haven't been caught hooking up since like, two thousand and twelve." You say in between laughs.
Straddling him, you lent back down to kiss him as he continued to finger you by moving your panties aside. You pulled away, unbuckling his jeans and pulling them and his boxers down. Moving down and grabbing his dick, you began to lick up the base of it, taking the head into your mouth.
"Y/N..." He whispered, loving all the attention you were giving him. You soon started to suck his dick properly, cupping his balls and humming for vibration making him go over the edge and cum spurt into your mouth, you swallowed his load before he brought you back up to kiss you again.
He flipped you over so he was on top, sliding your panties off of your legs as he kissed them, before lining himself up with your pussy.
He looked up for permission. "You sure?"
You nodded. "Very." This clarification was all he needed to push his length into you. He began slowly, allowing you to adjust to his size before he began to pick up the pace. You moaned, not caring if anyone heard you, just wanting Bucky to know how good he felt.
"Your so tight." He commented after a while, getting more and more turned on by watching you writhe in pleasure underneath him. You breathed heavily, feeling the pressure build up. "Bucky, I'm so close." You said, making him move his hand down to rub your clit before you both came simultaneously. Bucky slid out of you and lay next to you in silence, before he looked at you and smiled.
"Round two?"

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