The Streets Of Meereen-Targaryen Reader

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Standing next to her, Dany sighed looking down over the side of the balcony above the streets of Meereen. "Everyone looks happy enough from up here." Before I could say anything to her, a laugh sounds from behind us. We turn in unison and see that Ser Barristan Selmy stands watching with us. "What?" I ask, amused.

He smiled, looking at the blue sky. "I was thinking about all the times your brother made me go with him down from the Red Keep into the streets of King's Landing."

"Why?" Dany asked.

"He liked to walk among the people, he liked to sing to them."

We laugh, confused, and I say. "He sang to them?"

"Yes. Rhaegar would pick a spot on the Hook or the Street of Seeds and he'd sing, just like all the other minstrels." We walk back into the room with him and Dany sits down at the table, me standing next to her.

"And what did you do?" She smirked.

"I made sure no one killed him." We smile and he continues. "And I collected the money." He stops as we stare at him, "What? He liked to see how much he could make."

"He was good?" I question.

He nods softly, "He was very good. Viserys never told you two?"

"He told us Rhaegar was good at killing people," Dany whispers, watching the floor at the mention of our older brother.

Barristan nodded, "Rhaegar never liked killing. He loved singing."

"And what did you do with the money?" I spoke up, trying to get the mood back up to what it was.

"Well, one time, he gave it to the next minstrel down the street. One time, he gave it to an orphanage in Flea Bottom," After a long pause he smiled, "One time...we got horribly drunk."

Our laughs got interrupted when the door opened to Daario Naharis, "Your Grace, Hizdahr is waiting in the audience chamber."

Dany grunts quietly, "How many others are there?"

"Oh...fifty hundred" Daario looks apologetic with the answer and I begin to walk out of the room.

"Y/N? Are you not coming to this meeting with Loraq?" Dany spoke up when she noticed me exiting.

"No, you can easily handle him without me and I would prefer not to see him again." I chuckle as Dany smirks and nods. "I will be back by tonight, I want to walk among the people like Rhaegar." I nod to Barristan and he smiles, proudly.

Dany sighs before turning to Barristan, "Will you go with her? It isn't the safest in the streets and I trust you to keep her safe."

"Of course, my queen." He bows and walks out the door in front of me.

I smile at Dany, "Have fun." She huffs at my statement, making me laugh, and I walk out with Barristan, making our way out of the castle.


We walked down the walkway and some of the people watched me carefully, they seemed to tense after noticing my hair color. After I smile at them, they start to relax before smiling back at me. "The people of Westeros loved Rhaegar. Are they going to love Dany and I as well?" I turn to Barristan.

He thinks for a moment before smiling to some of the people then to me, "I believe that once they begin to know who you two are, they will. You two aren't that different from each other and Rhaegar, specifically you. You are very kind and are very skilled with a weapon, especially after we started training."

I nod, not wanting to mention what Rhaegar did to earn the hatred of the Baratheons and Starks. He knew that already, he didn't need to be reminded of it. "Dany has grown into a leader that I am happy to serve, so that says something." He continued.

I smile, equally as proud of what she has become after the hell we have been through because of our family name.

We stay quiet, passing by stone houses and I could hear laughter coming from inside one of them. I open my mouth to comment on it when bells begin to toll through the streets. Shouts emit and people begin running passed us. My eyes widen to Barristan and I grab one of his knives before running down the street to where the shouts are the loudest.

"Princess!" He calls after me, unsheathing his sword and following me.

I turn a corner and dodge the brightly dressed people that were running opposite of me. Approaching an alleyway, I see Unsullied laying on the floor, bleeding out. "Harpy," I whisper. I drop the knife to grab one of their spears and shields before walking into the section of chaos.

"Princess Y/N!" I hear Barristan call from behind me. I ignore him and see some of the Unsullied soldiers fighting, and losing, to the Sons of the Harpy. One of the men was unmasked and he turned to kill one of the Sons and I realized that it was Grey Worm.

I slash one of them as I hear Grey Worm shout in pain. Looking up, I see that one of them had him pinned and the other stabbed his side with a tiny blade. I gasp but Grey Worm knocks one off before killing him and yanking the blade free of him. He turned around and his eyes widened at the sight of me. "Princess." He mouths.

One of them come my way and I spin to dodge a knife aimed for my stomach and smacked his back with the spear before plunging the tip of it into his neck. I dodge another just barely as it had slashed my arm and I pierced his gut. I run over to Grey Worm and slit the throat of the man readying his knife for him.

"What are you doing here?" He whispered.

"We were nearby," I say back.

The Sons of the Harpy took this as their chance to circle us. We stood back to back turning around, stabbing as many as we could. One of them lunged toward Grey Worm and slashed his arm. Before they make the killing blow, someone near the door shouts and everyone turns to see who it was. A Son collapsed to the floor showing Barristan with an outstretched sword behind him, I smile.

Five of the Harpy move toward him while the others stay near us. I stab one of them before they attack either of us and Grey Worm stands back up after one cut his leg. Once there are only two left over where we stood, I hear a grunt come from behind me. I turn quickly and see Barristan being kicked to the ground, four or five surrounding him. I jump passed the bodies laying everywhere and puncture one of their chests and step forward. One of the Harpys pushes me against the wall with his spear closing me in, not able to move my arms to push him back. One of the others comes up behind him and pulls out his knife, sending it through my chest. I let out a gasp and fall to my knees.

Barristan screams and I see him kill the ones that stabbed me before falling to the ground from his wounds and getting stabbed in the chest as well.

I lay, feeling my life drain from my body onto the floor with all the others here that died before I did. My eyes begin to close as tears stream down my cheeks and I feel Grey Worm's hand on my arm, shaking me right as I breathe out one last time.


Dany's POV
As soon as I walked into the room, my chest convulsed when I saw Y/N. Her skin was sickly pale from the lack of life in her, her eyes were shut and her lips were in a straight line. Tears flow do my cheeks but I refuse to let me show any other type of pain until I am completely alone. I step forward to where she lies on a block of stone and a cloth covering the fatal wound, the whiteness of it stained red. "How did this happen?" I say through clenched teeth to Daario.

"The Sons of the Harpy killed her and Barristan after they left. Grey Worn was gravely injured trying to save them." He whispers.

I breathe out sharply and raise my hand to dismiss everyone, not trusting my voice to stay calm. Once I heard the door completely shut with just me and Y/N's body in the room, I collapse the ground, holding onto the stone that she laid on. I scream and sob, thankful that no one comes through the door to see me.

I grab her lifeless hand, it is cold to the touch even though she had such fire in her earlier this morning. I held it to my forehead and continued to sob loudly, squeezing it hard for any type of support. I stayed for hours repeating the same words repeatedly. "I'm so sorry."

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