Chäptër Twënty - Fïvë

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I smiled at my revelation before tying Arion to the branch that rested closest to the stream, so he could drink.

After taking a nervous glance around, I dropped my new dress that Dom had given me and waded into the water. It was cool to the touch and came up to my waist, the water brushing across the tops of my ribs. Chill bumbs erupted across my skin and I crossed my arms tightly before catching my breath and submerging myself fully into the water.

Cayden P.O.V

I ran once more, the wind blowing through my fur not proving to be enough to take my mind off of her scent. She smelled of fresh sunshine and lavender, the scent making my mouth water.

After plenty of complications, the witch had given me her location and even helped me get here. Now, while I was suspicious of her help, my mind was only focused on finding Eva. Her presence was banging against my temples and my body was running faster.

I tried to suppress the feeling of annoyance at my foolish actions when I had only just met the girl, but I truly couldn't help my addiction.

The sound of water suddenly caught in my ears and I took a sharp right, my legs catapulting me forward.

It was only moments before I happened upon a stream, my paws slowing to a stop on top of the crunchy autumn leaves. I quickly changed back to my human form and untied the leather pants from around my ankle and pulled them on for coverage.

I didn't need the princess to see me in all of my glory. Not yet anyway.

My chest was rising and falling quickly as I broke out of the coverage of the trees, my eyes darting left and right in search for my angel.

When I saw no one, my heart dropped. But her smell was incredibly strong here and her--

The sloshing of water suddenly snapped my eyes up to river once more, and what I saw made my heart pick back up at a deadly speed. There, right in front of my eyes, was my angel, rising from the water in all of her mouth watering glory.

Her blonde hair was soaked and plastered against her back and her eyes were closed as she rose. The moonlight reflected brightly off of her creamy skin and her parted lips and flushed cheeks.... Oh gods.

I watched in awe as stood, her hands running from her arms and over breasts, to down over her slim stomach. She wiped the water from her eyes and turned to go back under when her eyes caught mine and she simply froze. Her body was on full display for me, but I couldn't help but look at her face. Her warm brown eyes twinkled in the moonlight and her lips were a bright red from the cold. How would she taste I wondered....


The sound of my name echoed from her lips and the sudden smell fo her arousal filled my nose; she must've still been on her heat. And I couldn't give a damn.

I shot forward and in seconds, I was only a small distance away from her, my bare chest inches away from brushing against hers.

She gasped and moved back a bit, her arms coming up to cover her breasts from my eyes. But that simply wouldn't do.

Evangeline's P.O.V

I stared in awe as Cayden suddenly appeared only inches away from me, his eyes darkening a few shades from his electric gaze. I raised my arms to cover my nakedness and clenched my thighs beneath the water. I couldn't suppress the sudden need I felt for him... Like I wanted him inside of me...

My eyes ran down his sculpted abs and the way the moon glistened off of his tan skin. I locked my lips subconsciously.


I swallowed and looked up, almost opening my mouth to ask him how he had found me, if others were coming, or if I was found out.

All of those thoughts though vanished when his lips slammed against mine and his hands pulled my bare body against him. The fire struck up beneath my skin once more at an all time high but this time it was flames of pleasure, of desire.

I should've stopped him, shoved him away. But of course I didn't. I couldn't.

Instead, I wrapped my own hands around his neck in a desperate clutch, my fingers digging into his dark hair. My lips moved quickly against his and my body was raised on my tiptoes so I could try and gain more of his touch on my body.

His bare skin was open to my fingers and my nails raked down his back in a slow stretch as he moved his hands to my hips, a low moan echoing from his lips the lower my hands fell on his muscled back. Taking the chance, I slid my tongue into his mouth and met his, nearly melting in his arms as more fire erupted between us, like we were charged with electricity.

My hands gripped at the waistband of his pants, my fingers curling around the edges and my face breaking away in desperation, hoping for breath. He took this in stride and moved down to my neck, his lips cool against my burning skin. I moaned aloud as his lips hovered over my pulse before slowly moving lower, his kisses trailing down my collar bone and finally between my breasts. My fingers pulled the strands of his hair as I continued to arch back, his arms the only thing keeping me standing.

His hand came up to grip at my right breast while his other one began to trail lower, over my stomach and down past my hips until he was hovering over my most intimate spot.

I pulled his head back up to meet my lips when his fingers made contact with my core, adrenaline and fire shooting throughout me. A nearby tree suddenly caught fire before then falling to the ground in an earth shattering crash and the flames hissed when extinguished by the stream. Neither of us took notice of my obvious lack of control, I wasn't even worried if he would notice.

His fingers were keeping me too distracted to focus on anything but the movements that he made against me.

Desperation wracked me; I needed more. So much more.

"Cayden... Please..."
I cried, my arms tightening around his neck and my thighs clenching against his hand.

He groaned and bit against my bottom lip, his tongue smoothing over the bite to soothe the small pain. His fingers continued there circular motion and my knees weakened enough that he pulled his hand away and dropped both hands to the backs of my thighs, his fingers tightening before lifting me up to straddle his waist. I circled my thighs around him tightly and kissed him roughly, an odd like desperation pushing me harder and harder against him to where I worried I might actually harm him with how hard I was pulling his hair. But he didn't seem to mind at all, in fact it seemed to make him groan all the more, and I swear on the gods the sound was heaven to my ears. He waded us towards the shore and laid me down just on the sandy shore, but the water still lapped past his knees as he lowered himself over me, his own lips meeting mine with as much need as mine met his, his tongue fighting for dominance with mine.

I tightened my legs around him as his weight pressed down over me, hoping for more friction and nearly groaned in frustration when he led down my hips with a smirk. "Patience is a virtue Princess."

He lowered back down but instead of kissing my lips, he just trailed down my body, his tongue skimming then length of my skin. I shivered and writhed against the ground as more fire erupted where his lips met.

His hands came up to grip my breasts as he continued down...down, down...until he was hovering right over where I wanted him--

"Evangeline! Supper is prepared!"


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