Chäptër Twënty - Fïvë

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Since I am such a horrible author and I haven't updated in days, I'll give you guys a little treat!!

⚠ Mature Content ⚠

Evangeline's P.O.V

Dominic was right when he spoke of the journey's length; the trek was painfully long and dry. We had been walking on foot or riding in the saddle for four days straight now and I felt completely exhausted, our surroundings transforming from green and luscious to cold and dead in a matter of days.

But he was also correct when he said it would be worth it. Me and Faith had grown--what would seem--impossibly closer and even Dominic grew to be what felt like an older protective brother. It was the closest thing I had ever had to a family and I was absorbing the feeling with bliss.

But... There was still something missing. Like my heart had a hole the size of a puzzle piece that was still lacking its fill. I couldn't help but think of Cayden.

But I didn't focus on that; I couldn't. I was well on my way to a new life, a free life. I couldn't get caught up on a boy.

"Ladies, I believe we should make camp here."

I looked up from my fidgeting fingers in Arions reigns, my eyes landing on Dominic's broad back in the fading light. I was glad he had finally called it; it was beginning to grow dark and my thighs were aching painfully.

My back straightened at the declaration and I slowed Arion with my heels. Dominic had offered to take the bigger horse so I could take Apollo, but I refused. Something about riding Cayden horse made me feel closer to him. I could almost smell his faint scent on forest and musk...

"Eva, I spotted a stream not far from here; if you wish, you could head down and wash up while me and Dom prepare for supper. Once you finish, I will take my turn."

I threw my leg over Arions side expertly, my body having grown used to his size.

I turned to face Faith and Dom who were taking Apollo over towards one of the sturdier looking trees, his reigns clasped loosely in their hands. I nodded to myself and cleared my throat from the lack of use. "Yes, that sounds quite pleasant. I will take Arion along for a drink, that way he can accompany me back."

Faith handed the reigns over to Dominic with a firm pat on the back before walking over towards me, a smile gracing her fiery filled eyes.

"Alright. How do you feel though? Do feel well enough to travel on your own?"

I could clearly see the worry in her eyes, so I turned to run my hand down Arions neck, my fingers trailing through his mane.

I couldn't truly tell her I was still feeling the effects of my sickness could I? She and Dominic had already fretted themselves over me for long enough; no extra stress was need for sure. I could surely take a bath on my own!

"Yes, yes I'm feeling much better. Thank you kindly for your concern."

Faith wrinkled her nose funnily and shook her head in a swirl of red curls. "Still so proper! We'll fix that for sure!"
She giggled, and turned to look at Dominic who was now starting a fire with his hands, the flame sparking from his palms.

My skin pricked with anticipation at the familiar feeling and I filled with longing. I hadn't used my magic in days... It was beginning to feel almost painful, like too much was building up too quickly.

I forced a small laugh and tore my eyes from Dominic before placing my hand on Faith's shoulder. "Worry not, I shall return before too long."

She nodded and with that I departed towards the feeling of water. That was another think that I had kept to myself, I seemed to be devolping another power. It was as if I could sense other elemental sources, most particularly water. And this newfound strength led straight towards the cool stream.

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