44. Big Stupid Mouth

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Another long one: 3330 words.


The bed was soft and warm, and I could feel Cyrus' arm around draped over me, more comforting than any blanket I had ever laid under. I looked over at him, his bare back exposed and his lower parts barely covered by the blanket. I was perfumed by his scent, completely naked with happiness and I felt safe.

I ran my hand over his back, the soft hairs tickling the tips of my fingers. I could feel the curves of his bones and muscles and spine, as though they tried to pierce through his flesh. So muscular, it got me excited. His back was stained with nail marks that I had accidentally made. I carelessly ran my fingers through his dark black hair, digging them further into his roots as he laid there beside me peacefully. His hair had grown in past few weeks I hadn't even realised. The way it framed his head made me lust for him more than I remembered. It was only his eyes that remained unchanged all this while, coloured silver blue, colder than the winter sky, yet I felt warm when I looked into them.

How does such a dangerous and vicious wolf sleep so peacefully like a new born pup?

His eyes fluttered open and I shut my eyes quickly.

"I caught you," His raspy voice hit me and I smiled in complete embarrassment.

"Good morning," He smiled and pulled me into his arms and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Morning Alpha," I returned and he chuckled.

"How do you feel after last night?" He asked me and I shrugged.

"Eh..dont feel anything." I joked and he rolled his eyes and turned me to face him.

"Dont lie to yourself, baby, I know you had a great time." He smirked, his eyes trailed down to my chest that bared several love bites and I pulled up the blanket to cover myself.

"Na, I've had better." I laughed and rolled over to get out of the bed. Cyrus had different plans, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled towards him forcibly.

"Dont play with me Nevaeh," He said seriously and I gulped in nervousness. I was only joking with him, oh goddess.  "You've never had better and you will never have better from anyone besides me." He said sternly and I rolled my eyes playfully at him. He grabbed my jaw and turned me to face him. "I'm serious," He said and I laughed and pushed him away.

"I was just kidding Cyrus! I had a fucking amazing time yesterday..." I whispered the last bit.

"A little louder, pup." He ordered with a smirk left on his cheek, pretending that he couldn't hear me.

"Ugh! I wanna do it again.." I said honestly and he smirked and pulled me towards him, pushing the blanket off of me forcibly, exposing my entire naked form.

"We could do it again.." He said seductively and placed kisses on my cheeks and I shook my head.

"It's morning time and I'm holy now." I laughed and he chuckled in disbelief. "And besides, don't you have a meeting this morning?" I said trying to get out of his grasp, but his hold was too tight around me.

"They can wait." He said simply and I laughed.

"Cyrus, this is not your pack." I said and he shrugged.

"Why didn't you come to lunch yesterday?"

"Why, did you miss me?" He smirked and traced circles around my left nipple, causing it to harden instantly.

"No, just answer the question," I lied and he smiled.

"Jaxon is here, I needed to explain a couple things to him before the meeting this morning." He said and avoided eye contact.

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