Omfg. I was so eager to update but I had my friend Autumn stay the night this weekend and we were at the creek and stuff :D Anyways ladies and gentleman... There is some drama stuff that's gonna happen in this story. Oh, and, anyone wanna make me a cover for my new story I MIGHT start? Just message me on here and then I will give you my email :D Love you everyone! <3 And the guys Josh Saunders in this is NOT Josh Devine. It's a different person okay. lololol :)

Allia woke Harry and I up. 

"Who is downstairs?" She asked concerned. 

"Well I don't know. Go look." I told her laughing, still half asleep.

"I'm too scared!"

"Fine. Come with me!" 


We left Harry in the bed and started to walk downstairs. I glared around the corner, along with Allia, trying not to be noticed by Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. I noticed a boy with brown hair and he was about the same height as Niall. 

"Beth! Come in!" Liam gestured. 


Allia couldn't even speak. I didn't know what she was speechless about. 

"Allia, are you okay?" I nudged her shoulder. 

"I-I-I can't!" She darted up the stairs. I chased after her. 

"Allia! What's wrong?!?" Harry shouted.

"She won't even tell me!" I added.

"It's Josh! Joshua Saunders!!!!!" She shouted and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door closed.

"Oh my gosh..." I froze completely, not able to move without crying, too. 

"What's wrong with Josh?" Harry asked, confused. 

Before I could answer, Josh ran in.

"Let me see Al."  He was the only person who called her Al, and she hated it after they broke up. 

"She doesn't want to see you." I scowled.

"She's goin' to!"

I got in his face. "You are not seeing her. You broke her heart. How many times? Sixteen different times in one year. You gave her a promise ring! You took her to the beach! You did everything with her! You ruined all the things she loved because YOU took her there and now she can't even go without her head hurting! She does NOT WANT TO SEE YOU, JOSHUA SAUNDERS!" By now, I was yelling. 

I heard Allia sob more harder when she heard me yell at Josh. 

"I have to talk to her." 

"FUCK YOU!" I pushed him out of my bedroom and ran in the bathroom to find Allia curled up in a corner bawling her eyes out. 

"Allia, it will be alright. I will make him leave!" 

"How does he know the boys?" I couldn't really understand her but I knew what she asked.

"I don't know that answer, but what I do know, is that he is going to try for you again. Don't fall into his games again, Allia. Don't." 

"I won't! I won't! I CAN'T ANYMORE!" 

I hugged her hard and started to cry with her. Allia and Josh dated for at least a year and they did everything together. They went to all Allia's favorite places and he gave her everything. He gave her a rose every single day. Until one special day... He didn't wake her up with a rose... He woke her up with a promise ring. I was jealous of how sweet he was to her. They were perfect together. But, I would never date my best friend's boyfriend. I didn't fall into his tricks though. 

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