How Talent Can Help You Grow

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Keeping ourselves busy and lost in the thought of what to cook for dinner while playing kitchen-kitchen and other games by the street, teenage is the period of our life when we don't decide about what serious decision to take and in which direction to sail our boat. All that matters for some teenager is to focus on studies and get good grades followed with that scholarship every student dreams of, wear a pretty dress in the garden party than the other classmates, collect more Pokémon cards than other boys and other little happiness. Maintaining co-curricular activities along with focusing on the studies on an easy deal for young kids but Paris is one of her kind. Began to read music before able to read and write, Paris became a classically trained pianist who performs nationwide with significant symphonies and talented musicians. It's a great deal for kids at a very young age to achieve recognition and become an idol for other kids. Paris did not fail becoming an idol of girls more adolescent and about her age. Like some singers giving a hint or a short message in their songs, Paris has been spreading the message of hope and peace through her music and concerts she would do which made her to the become the ambassador of the Peace and Music Ambassador for Peace and Foundation. During teenage, everyone is excited and in a rush to learn and explore more and more about the world every day and been on a nonstop journey of exploring different experiences and learning something new every day, Paris has been one active kid since her early age. This American born pianist is not a qualified pianist only but is an exceptional singer, songwriter, author and a product designer of her age.

Talking about music, it has the power to touch your soul and inspire you. Different people use music for different purposes. Some use it for therapy, some for motivation, some even for leisure, some need to relax and some need to listen while they are writing. Paris's music is full of messages of peace and love. Paris released her first single in 2017 which was "Shelter." Later, she released more songs like "Strom," "One World" and "What's inside of you". In the present year 2019, she will be releasing a few more songs.

Not only a musician, but Paris has also been an author of a children's book she named "Sonatina in the Woods" another achievement of a girl aged 14. Since she was 12, she started writing and now is a recognized author of children's book series.

For children being well performed and active throughout the other activities is little challenging but Paris has been that student of 9th grade at Stagemont Upper School in Weston Florida who has been on the principal's honor roll every year. Astonishing for sure.

This little 14-year-old girl is so active and talented that a part of all the music and writing, she has created her very own emoji app, "Pamoji" enabling all the users to express their feelings through cartoonish images of Paris and things she loves. This app is free and for all android and apple users.

Not wasting her time in useless activities, Paris is a rising girl and a girl who can surely be an inspiration for other young kids of her age or younger.  

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