Chapter 16 : Il Minjoon

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She walked silently as she crept forward. 

After a while, she realized she was lost. Grumbling to herself, she softly bumped her head a few times. Then she heard voices behind the fence wall she was facing.

"Brother, I love him already. I do not want to leave him. Please understand."

Min Hi heard the voice of a woman, thinking that the voice was very familiar.

"He will just use you to control our Kingdom! Like all the former rulers of this country! Do you think he will be any different? They don't love Hae Gi. It's not in their nature."

It made her curious, she tiptoed towards the fence peering inside.

She saw a woman that looked a lot like the Empress, holding hands with a man.

They looked like lovers from afar, and from her vantage point, she could see both cerulean eyes staring at each other.

By then she knew they weren't lovers.

She stared wide-eyed, she knew at that moment that the man and the woman in front of her were powerful figures who can shake the whole Kingdom. One of the mighty princes from the Xu Kingdom - Xu Shin. And the treasure of two kingdoms, the most powerful woman in the Empire -The Empress, Xu Hae Gi.

Her knees were shaking, making her feel lethargic. Min Hi knew she wasn't supposed to see this, nor was she supposed to be here. If discovered, it could cost her her own life.

The woman grasped the man's hands tightly as she pleaded.

"He is different! He promised me! I believe in him."

Min Hi slowly averted her eyes, preparing to run away. Then she saw a man with silvery white hair from a distance, looking at the scene with a dark expression on his face.

She gasped quietly holding her hands to her mouth as she stared incredulously at the man.

It was the Emperor, Il Daehyun.

Sweat started to trail down her forehead as she acknowledged the precariousness of her situation.

She wondered if the Emperor knew what they were talking about. Judging from the deep loathing on his face, maybe he was angry at the Xu prince for meddling with the affairs of their Kingdom. 

Min Hi saw the Emperor turn around, his shimmering silver hair slowly disappearing.

She also turned as she hurriedly ran far away from the scene. Her whole body was trembling as she struggled to keep control of her footing.

With her attention elsewhere, she did not notice a figure blocking her way. She bumped her head on a hard wall, bouncing back as she fell, falling on her bottom.

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