I miss you

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"Dawn Snow-Allen" kept ringing in her ears, the child that is currently in her stomach is now standing here looking like a worrier.

"How, what are you doing here?" Caitlin asked not knowing what the answer would be. Before Dawn could answer everyone walked in, with confusion written all over there faces. "Caitlin who is this?" Iris asked, looking at the girl everyone saw features in Dawn that they recognize, but Cisco was the one that recognized them the most, almost like he saw them somewhere.

"My name'sElizabeth Henry. I met someone from your team his name is Barry, I need to talk to him."

"Sorry, but you can't he is currently unable to, Is there any way we can help maybe you can tell us why your here." Joe says secretly putting his hand on his gun.

"I can't tell you why I'm here, but I think I can help Barry out." she says walking up to the unconscious body, slowly her hands began to heat up, just when she was about to touch her dad to revive him, she heard a gunshot looking around she saw Joe had pulled the trigger, since she had super speed she caught the bullet then ran behind Joe leaving a trail of ice.

"What was that," Asked Ralph, but Cisco finally put two in two together and realized not only was she the girl from the future in the picture but also that she was in fact a Snowbaby.

" I have super speed." she says quietly and calmly ignoring the fact her grandpa, the only that she loved dearly, tried to shoot her. "Then what the hell was the Ice from." questioned Joe 

Cisco looked at Iris, Iris finally caught on and she decided that if Caitlin wanted to keep this a secret then so be it. "you said you can help him, How?" Iris said changing the subject. But what she didn't know was that she made it worse. "You see-I um its a future thing." Dawn lied, she love her family but this was weird to her, it was like meeting your relatives that you have never met. 

"Okay, Elizabeth can I talk to you outside." Caitlin felt the need to talk to her. "Sure" Dawn replied making her way outside. When they got outside Caitlin looked at her daughter, was this true, is she really a mix of me and Barry? Looking closely she saw Barry and herself, she took from her father but also was like her mother, Caitlin could see through her daughter she, Dawn  was holding a strong characteristic she looked broken and hurt.

"You look just like your father" Caitlin managed to spit out without crying "You always said that."  Dawn replied no emotion. "Look I lied I can wake dad up because I'm his blood." "Why are you her Dawn?" Caitlin asked," I'm here to help dad and meet him, and.. I miss you." Dawn said tearing up, "hey, it's okay, I've got you." Caitlin said pulling her daughter into a hug. She was still confused about what did Dawn mean when she said, "I miss you."

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