1. Meet: The Fonsecas

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The Fonseca siblings were a ragtag trio. Dubbed as "a Frankenstein of a family" by the youngest, it was no wonder why.

The oldest was Adrian Marie Fonseca, a thirty-three year old who had not yet shed the youth and vigor of someone in their early twenties, with his curly auburn hair, bright brown eyes, and purely Portuguese heritage. His mother was a businesswoman who was colder than winter towards him, pushing him away as if he had a deadly disease. Under the care of his father's parents, he lived a hard life with rigid expectations that were enforced with either belts or thorny branches, before finally getting a taste of freedom, and freewill, leaving him to be shunned by his paternal family.

The one holding title of middle child was Ambrose Fonseca, a twenty-three year old that was the yin to his older brother's yang, he was quieter, more observant, and gentle. Thanks to his mother being a whore that was addicted to bottles, and spending money. Ambrose had straight black hair tied back, dark blue eyes, and was half-Portuguese, half-Russian. He joined his brother's side on the concept of freewill, which caused him to be shunned too.

Then there was the youngest child, Spencer Fonseca. Born female as Seo Sua, seventeen-year-old Spencer has a gender fluid identity, tucking their breast into binders, wearing boxer-briefs and keeping their hair short enough to hide under wigs if wanted. Spencer had a temperament, and behavioral patterns that was in-between her brothers. Also like them, they were kicked out for believing in freewill and for not adhering to the expectations set upon them by their reproductive parts. Spencer's Korean mother considers them, her "ugliest" child, and tried their hardest to doll them up, much to their suffering, and their skin showed it.

All three of them were considered their shared father's biggest disappointments. Adrian grew up to major in philosophy, Ambrose in theatre and photography, and Spencer has been showing interest in art-based college, much to the dismay of their father, who believes that being happy with your career is not a priority, same with safety, but making lots of money. Thus he had pressured all of them with careers of medicine, and law.

They escaped the oppressive reign of their paternal family, and lived in a two bedroom apartment in Massachusetts ever since Spencer was eleven. Where they grew, and thrived, living on teachers' salaries, and Spencer took to being a tailor for some of their own money.

On the first day of July, Spencer received a letter. "Dear Spencer, unfortunately your great-uncle Albert has passed. He has left his fortune, and beloved mansion to you, and your brothers. Please claim the mansion within thirty days." the older Fonseca brothers, had doubts, but took the leap of faith. They packed their things, and left to claim the mansion. Sleeping in their car, eating at diners, and fighting over who gets to choose the music.

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