Chapter Forty Nine

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Malik's point of view:

I woke up and found my sweet Brianna in my arms. She was snuggled in my chest. She looked really really comfortable which was good. I looked around and started admiring what she had done for me. What a sweetheart I had as a girlfriend soon to be wife.

'Nine months left, daddy!'

'I love you, daddy!'

'Can't wait to meet you, daddy!'

I couldn't hold back the smile. I pulled Brianna closer to me and put my hand on her stomach that was holding the best part of me. I kissed her forehead and placed a small kiss on her lips. I have been doing that for quite a while now. Kissing her when she was asleep as I knew that I would go insane without those lips on mine.

"Daddy loves you, baby! I can't wait to meet you. Don't hurt your mommy so much, okay?!" I said and chuckled at myself. Only Brianna could give me that smile and this family. I was a bad guy but for her I would be the best guy in the world. I loved her with everything. I loved her more than I had ever loved myself or my family.

I kissed her forehead as she let go of some light snores. It seemed that her pregnancy was making her a heavy sleeper which I didn't mind honestly. I wanted nothing more than for her to rest. It would be a hard nine months for her but I was willing to make them happy. I kissed her forehead one more time and then stood up.

I put her on the bed and then went to the kitchen. I wanted to make her some healthy breakfast for our baby. I wanted it to be a boy. I would still be happy if it was a girl but a boy was what I truly desired. I smiled and started making some eggs and bacon.

"Malik!" I heard my baby calling. I called for her and she came to the kitchen. She threw herself in my arms and then said, "I thought that you left me again."

Tears were on the edge of of her eyes fighting to be let free. I kissed her forehead. I pulled her to me and then said, "Look! It would never happen again. I mean, look! You're my light and now you're holding a part of me in this tummy of yours. If you think that I will just walk away and leave you alone in bed today then you're insane. It's my mistake for making you think that way though. I love you, baby girl!"

She smiled and a tear left her eyes. I dried them with my thumb and put her in a chair. I made her a plate and sat down next to her. She smiled at me and a tear left her eyes.

"Why are you crying?!" I asked as she dried a drop.

"I don't know. I am being so emotional. It is probably a pregnancy thing," she said and I nodded sighing. It would be harder than ever. I sighed and smiled.

"It is okay, I am here now. I don't want to see tears in your beautiful eyes. I am here now. This is the last time I see you cry," I kept assuring her. She was obviously so sensitive so I had to take care of what to say. When she was younger when she first had her period, she was overly sensitive. I only looked at her weirdly and she started crying. I had to make it up to her for four weeks and I didn't even do anything. It was all because I had never been through that shit.

"I want to watch a movie and I'm craving momma's  fruit salad," she said and had a sad smile. I chuckled and kissed her forehead.

"What do you want to watch?!" I asked as I started a call. She wanted fruit salad, I will get her fruit salad. All for my baby girl!

"The fault in our stars, please!" She replied and I smiled nodding. Tristan picked up and then asked, "Hey, Malik, what's up?!"

"Wait, is it Malik?!" I heard a feminine voice say.

"Yes, Grace," Tristian said.

"Hey, Malik! How is my sweet sweet Brianna?!" She asked and I sighed.

"Hey, Grace, she is fine. Well she is craving her mom's fruit salad, so I was wondering if I could pick her up," I said and she smiled.

"I told her that this would happen. She was so anxious. She kept thinking that you wouldn't love the baby and all but I kept telling her no. That isn't the case. He loves you and he will love the kid," Grace said and I looked at Brianna, so she doubted my love, huh?!

"Okay, so about her mother?!" I asked and then Grace said, "Don't worry! Tristian will drive me and her to you. You don't mind if we come over, right?!"

I looked at Brianna as she watched the movie. She seemed too engrossed and I thought that she would be happy if they came over, and I didn't know anything worth a crap about pregnancy.

"Okay, I don't mind, keep in mind that we don't have fruits, so I will send someone get them, ask her about what she needs," I said firmly.

"Auntie, Malik is saying that we will go visit and that Brianna is craving your fruit salad. He was asking about what he should get," she said on the other side of the phone.

"Oranges, apples, bananas, strawberry, mango juice, grapes, vanilla ice cream will do as well, and well, that's the main things," she said and I nodded.

"Okay, thank you," I said and ended the call. I smiled and then sighed. I ordered one of my men to get them and don't get me started about how much he complained. I thought about getting a maid to help Brianna, I mean, I wouldn't be able to stay with her for nine months straight and she could help with such a things.

I made a note to my mom if she could help. Damm! A lot had changed over the past few weeks. I started having a family. I was really happy. I was calm actually. I started loving my life more after I had Brianna back. I learnt to love her and love myself and soon I will be loving our kid as well. In my eyes, I had the perfect family and no one would change that.

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