Chapter 3

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No one's POV

After a while well until morning they were sleeping.

Aizawa POV

I was the first one awake when I looked down I saw Izu. At this point he was snuggling vary much to me. I thought what was he dreaming about was the question in me head. I have a feeling he was not going to let me go at least today was a Saturday.


I was about to open my eyes until I noticed I was snuggling to Aiza which made me very happy. I could already tell he is awake but that doesn't bug me much.

"Morning Aiza" "Morning Izu had a good dream?" "Yes I did want to hear it?" "Ok" "well in it we were together and started to do things and after a few hours I found out I was pregnant and you were happy about it."

A: "Well I was thinking one day we could some how start a family before or during when you get pregnant."
I: "Really I was some how felling we should do it tonight I do not know why."
A: "Maybe the dream trigger something in you that you want that felling."
I: "Well the felling has been there for awhile since school began and I told my mom about it and she said to just get the feeling over with by doing it because she wants to be a grandparent."
A: "Then your wish is my command to make you feel good tonight."
I: "Thanks Aiza."

Aizawa POV

When he told me that he wants kids I was happy but nervous that what happens if anyone knows I am going to be married and have kids with a student. I am just hoping they lift the rule once they see me and Izu together by the time we get married.

Nezu POV bet you did not see that coming

I have been thinking to lift the rule of students to not love or be with the teacher. Once I see what happened yesterday for Aizawa's class I can't help but notice him and Midoriya hanging out more but it dose help to know Aizawa will stay awake when Midoriya is around. When I call him today maybe he will be with Midoriya since I also saw them sneaking out of the dorm. If I am right about those two being together than I will support it and help them with wedding ideas.

I will just go to his house now and talk to him about this.

Aizawa POV

I: "So what are we going to do today?"
A: "I am thinking we should get dressed and watch movies."
I: "Ok."

Both of them heard the door bell

I:"I will just stay here in case that is. Nezu."
A: "Ok."*got dressed fast and went to open door* "Oh hi Nezu why are you here?"
N: "I know you have Izuku here do not try and hide it."
I:How did he know anyway I will get dressed and go down stairs then.
A: "How did you know?"
N: "Because I saw you and him come here last night and I am here to tell you both something."
A: "Ok."
I: "Uh hi Nezu."
N: "Hi."

They all sat on couch

N: "So I am here to tell you both that I am lifting the rule about teachers and students being together."
I&A: "Really?"
N: "Yes and I am here to help you both with your wedding for tomorrow."
I: "Why so soon?"
N: "It is to tell everyone that the rule has been lifted."
A: "Makes sense."

No one POV

The three of them went to work on the wedding preparations. Aizawa and Izu agree not to try for a child just yet and to wait until the next weekend.

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