Chapter 13-The Visitor

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I know he's got her locked up in the house somewhere. It's up to Valerie and I to save this town from the lunatics. We got to open the portal and bring back the coven first though. Otherwise, we'll just be outnumbered again.

We have to get the high council back down here and now I have to convince them our town's overrun by vampire supremacists. It will be hard to do now since they weren't very happy with their last visit down here dealing with our coven. We've earned a bad rep thanks to Patty and the number of her friends who just couldn't leave the witch dead.

It's been about a week since the cops have taken over Wixton. The humans have no idea of the massacre they brought on my people. It might be better that way though. I'm going to be careful. I know they've been wiretapping my phone and spying on me too to make sure I will be a good little mayor for them.

I've memorized the sadistic vamp's work schedule already. He's been staying at his family's ranch house now and the only reason I know is because he's making me stay in my own family's house.

Every morning, around seven am, I see his cruiser drive by the main road out front of the ski resort. I don't always have to be in town to do my day job so I've been working remote. There's a big meeting room on the second floor of the ski resort. A couple days ago, I had set up cameras outside of the ski lodge to record the cops. I don't care if the police know or not.

They'll all be six feet under soon as I get Valerie away from them.

I finish sending an email to one of my assistants and my public relations coordinator. Bored, I check my watch seeing it's about almost nine am. He should have driven by already. I look over my desk and then glance out the window hearing the gravel of the drive rumble as someone comes up the road.

I scoot back in my computer chair and leave the meeting room. When I get to the double doors, I push them open to find the supremacist himself step out of his police car. He's parked right next to the old neon Slate Mountain sign.

My chest tightens in panic seeing the amount of black magic hugging his body like a second skin. His dark red aura is almost completely black radiating with a hyperactive pulse. I remember seeing it radiate like that before. There's only one reason his aura would be resonating with such life. I had thought he took an illegal magic booster then, but now I now for a fact he's drinking Valerie's blood.

I forget since he's come out about his intentions that he's dropped his concealment. It's disgusting seeing how tainted he is from the satanic craft he's been using. His blood runs as black as his heart and I look at the bones tempted to break them all one by one. By the time he makes it up to the ski lodge, he's conjured his human appearance probably thinking me unable to handle the true sight of him.

Silvet adjusts his tie looking down his nose at me through his black tinted sunglasses.

He tosses me a yellow envelope with my "assignments" in it. Then Nicholas gets back in his car. I glance down at the big envelope and start to open it up while watching him pull back out onto the road.



This house is huge. I'm so happy savior is sharing it with me and the other newly turned. Some of his closest officers get to live here too. Most of us are bunked in together. I share my room with a hybrid, Yansmen. He's already asleep on his small twin sized bed. I lucked out and got a hammock right beneath the window.

It is fun to swing back and forth in, but sometimes I wake up with a stiff neck. Like now, of all times, in the middle of the freaking night.

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