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Pen Your Pride

Chapter twenty 3/3

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I quickly planned out the rest of the day; first I’d read my summary once more, then I’d pack some more clothes and my hand luggage, then I’d do some more exercises as practice for my final.  After that a quick shower and dressing up, then leaving for Tyler’s. I smiled at the thought and couldn’t really believe how excited I was for the concert and everything. I let out a small “woooh,” hoping it would relieve the excitement a bit for now. It didn’t really help, but I threw my phone on the couch, sat at the table and read my economics summary.

A bit later I was done, I seemed to understand everything I had to understand, for the first time ever. Maybe I wasn’t gonna fail economics horribly. It wouldn’t really matter, as I would graduate anyways, but still. I grabbed my phone, checked for some texts. Audrey and Zoey were kind of avoiding me, and I was still waiting for their apology. They asked whether I was going to any parties and what I was going to wear. For the third time I explained how I was going to leave for my grandparents in Seattle after graduation. Then I opened some other texts, replied to some, (there weren’t that many) and then ran upstairs. I put some more freshly washed shirts in my suitcase, a pair of skinnies, my red converse, and another bikini. Then I grabbed my backpack from my chair and put my laptop in it, some extra underwear and socks, a sweater, all my chargers, my camera and headphones. For a second I contemplated whether or not to take my camera to the show tonight, but I decided to go for a no. I checked if I had packed everything, put in the stuff I had forgotten, and then closed the bigger suitcase which contained my clothes.

It was now almost 2:35, so I quickly grabbed my school books again. I did some extra exercises and read a few more examples that’d be useful and then put my book on my desk upstairs. I grabbed the clothes I had already picked out from my closet and walked into the bathroom, where I took a shower. When I was done, I walked back into my room, because I found out the bathroom was too warm to get dressed in, even though it was pretty cold outside. I put on a high waisted navy skinny jeans I bought a while ago, along with a black shirt with sleeves stopping right above my elbow. My shoes were downstairs, I’d put those on before leaving. I walked over to my mirror, and after staring at myself for a bit, thinking about nothing in particular, I put on some concealer, eyeliner, mascara and some peach chapstick. When I looked at the clock, I saw it was a little after three and I had to leave at four. Quickly, I grabbed my backpack for school and put in the stuff I’d need tomorrow. After that I vacuum cleaned part of the house, so my mom wouldn’t have to do all of it when she and Ben got home.

When I was done, it was almost four. I put on my old red converse, I quickly checked how I looked, grabbed the keys to my mom’s car and walked out. As I sat behind the steering wheel, I started the car and drove towards Tyler’s house. My iPhone was connected to the car’s speakers, and after a random pop song, Screen started playing, A giant smile appeared on my face as I remembered my excitement for tonight. I was going to see my favorite boy on the planet –oops- perform and do the thing he probably loves most.

About fifteen minutes later I pulled into the driveway of the Joseph family. At first I didn’t see anyone, and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go in via the backyard or ring the doorbell, but luckily Zack walked around the corner of the house, greeting me. Behind him were Tyler and Josh. “Hey guys.” I said. They both replied with a short hi, and Tyler hugged me shortly, and as I hugged back, Zack and Josh awkwardly stood there. I honestly didn’t care.

After we walked in, I saw Debby. We hugged and then Tyler gave everyone something to drink. We all sat and talked about the upcoming show and had a bunch of fun. After a while, we all went outside. The boys started playing basketball while Madison, Debby and I sat at the picnic table in the yard. Debby sat behind me on the table and started to braid my hair. It didn’t really work, since my hair was kinda short, but it still felt kind of funny. I also loved seeing the boys get so caught up in playing basketball, and Tyler is actually very good at it. So are Zack and Jay. Josh wasn’t really great with the ball, but he was definitely fast. Which is also a nice skill. After what seemed only 5 minutes, but appeared to be much longer, Tyler’s mom called us all for dinner.

The table was very, very full, something I still wasn’t used to, but it was cool. And fun. And the food was definitely a lot better than the food I made myself.

When we were done a little before six, Josh and Tyler left for the venue. The show would start around nine. Debby still had to pick something up at her house, and asked me along to pick it up. I went along with her and Madison went to some girls from her team. We would meet up backstage and then we’d see what we were going to do.

Debby and I left for her hotel a little after Tyler and Josh left from Tyler’s house. The hotel was close to Josh’s house, honestly it kind of surprised me that she wasn’t staying at Josh’s place. We went inside after arriving, and her room was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t even know Columbus had such gorgeous hotels. –not that I know a lot about Columbus, but okay.- She grabbed a sweater and stuffed it in her bag, then grabbed some other stuff and put it in her bag. She told me to just sit on the bed or whatever, so that’s what I did. After five minutes she joined me on the bed, laying flat on her back. “You wanna hang here for a bit or go back to Tyler’s house? I guess this is more convenient but it doesn’t really matter.” She said. “yeah, let’s stay here I guess, meet everyone at the venue.” I answered, also laying down on my back. She nodded at me and then let out a sigh. “I’m not sleeping. I’m just tired, sorry.” She said right before letting out a yawn and closing her eyes. “It’s okay, don’t worry.” I said chuckling.

“Debby can I ask you something? Or it’s more like… a confession, I think?” I said with a small unstable voice. Debby opened her eyes and looked at me, “yeah, off course. What’s on your mind?” I covered my face with my hands before answering, to maybe cover up some awkwardness (yeah nice try Jenna) “I think I like Tyler.” I said in an almost whisper. “Maybe it’s just a crush but… yeah no I don’t think so..” It still felt weird to admit and I wasn’t sure what Debby would think. My hands were still covering my face and I felt my eyes burn with something like fear. I peeked through my fingers to see Debby’s shocked eyes and gigantic smile on her face. “I KNEW IT, JENNA OH MY GOSH!” she said, poking me in my stomach. “SORRY OKAY” I replied while we were both laughing. “Nooo, don’t be sorry.” Debby said while our laughter died down. “I don’t know I think you guys would make a cute couple.”  I smiled at the thought of that. I had never actually thought about me and Tyler being a couple… “Deb, do you think he likes me too?” I asked shyly, after a short silence.

“I … I mean I honestly don’t know. It could just be Tyler being Tyler, the gentleman he is who just wants everyone to be safe, but maybe he does. I mean, it’s Tyler, you know? I think it’s certainly possible, but I haven’t seen him around girls –or people- a lot lately, just me and Josh and a small group of friends…” Debby said before grabbing and unlocking her phone. She looked up at me with her big eyes. “I’m gonna ask Josh if he knows something. Is that okay?” I blinked a few times, while taking a few seconds to let it all sink in. “Yeah, I guess that’d be a plan. Please don’t tell him that… I like Tyler though. I mean I don’t want to look ridiculous if he doesn’t like me.” 

After typing Debby looked up at me. She handed me her phone to show me what she wanted to send. The screen said: ‘hey babe [aw] I was thinking last night… do you think Ty has a crush on Jenna? Idek haha, anyways good luck setting up :P x <3” I figured it was an okay text, and looked at Debby, as if asking for permission to send it. She nodded so I pressed the button to send it.

After re-applying some of our make-up and talking about random things, Debby and I went back to her car, on our way to the venue. Right before entering the car, Debby got a text from Josh, which she read out loud.

“Okay so he wrote ‘Hey babe, well not sure actually. But good question though. Might be possible,  kinda see them as friends though. Not sure how he feels about the whole ‘girlfriend’ situation after Leigh. Can’t really talk/ask now because he’s in the shower and we’re getting ready and all that. Plus he’s already nervous’ sad emoji ‘I’ll be sure to ask when I’m in LA with him. Love you’ with a heart but that’s insignificant now.” We both smiled at that. “sooo, I guess we just have to be patient.”

And with  sigh from both of us, we got in the car. 

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