"Nikki, will you runaway with me?" I suddenly felt a big lump in my stomach.

"Ken, you're insane! We can't runaway!" I said quietly as a nurse walked in.

"Are you OK?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," I responded. She smiled and left the room.

"Give me one good reason why we can't?"

   I looked at Ken, trying to think. Aha! "Max," I said. "I can't leave him alone!"

"He won't be alone - your mom's coming back soon."

"Ken, what about our families? Think of what we'll be putting them through."

  Ken thought for a while. "You're right...There has to be another way."

"I guess we can visit each other," I started. "We can spend the holidays together."


"When does she want to move?"

"Three weeks..." The words hit me like an exploding bomb. I only have three weeks left with the love of my life, my best friend before he leaves. I must stay strong, I must not cry. "I gotta go see my doctor."

"OK, bye Ken..."

"Bye Nick." Ken smirks as he says this.

"You know I hate that!" I said, hitting him in the arm.

"Sorry," he said with a smile and kissed my cheek.

"I'm here," Jay said as he walked in the room. Max followed.

"Nikki!" Max yelled. He ran over to the bed.

"I'm alright Max." I smiled - it felt good to know Max cared, despite the fact that we always fight. Max gave me a hug. 

"Did you get stitches?" he asked.

"Yup." I patted my stomach where the stitches had been.

"See you guys later," Ken said and left. Jay leaned against the wall as Max walked over to a chair and sat down. Once he knew I was fine, he got comfy and started texting.

"So..." I said as Jay stood leaned against the wall.

"Um...Did Ken tell you he's moving?" Jay asked.


"Now I have to go live with mom and Jack in Florida." A sudden feeling of hurt rushed over me. I had forgotten Jay would be leaving too. Now I was loosing two people I loved - my only true friends.

"Oh..." I refrained myself from saying anything more. I allowed myself to let out a huge sigh.

"Sorry," Jay started. "I know you're going to miss Ken..."

"Yeah, but not just Ken." Jay raised an eyebrow. "I'm gonna miss you too."

"Mua?" Jay joked as he put his hand on his chest.

"Yes you! I love you guys, you're my best friends..."

"Aha!" Jay started. "You admitted to loving me!"


"It's too bad, Ken's got you already." Once again, I found myself smiling. I even almost forgot Max was in the room.

"I got a sudden craving for chocolate," I said changing the topic.

"I'll get it," Jay offered.

"No it's OK, I need to move around." I got up and make sure my backside was covered by the cheap hospital gown. I slowly walked down the stairs and started towards the vending machine. "Mmh, white chocolate Hershey bar!" I licked my lips and pushed the dollar in the machine. I picked my candy bar up. As I turned around and started walking back, I stopped in my tracks like a dear in headlights. There was Ken, with his lips pressed against Hayden's.

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