more than just friends- ethan imagine ;3

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sorry this is crap but, literally wrote this on my laptop so enjoy <3



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Ethan and I had been friends long before we were on Umbrella Academy together.

We couldn't be separated.

We were best friends.

I loved hanging out with him.

When I was with him I was happiest.

And then one day, BAM, I caught feelings.

I couldn't look at him without this weird feeling in my stomach and I didn't wanna tell him because I knew that it would ruin our friendship.

We stopped hanging out as much because I pretty much avoided him whenever he was around, and only talked to him when we had to film scenes or in between.

I could tell that he was confused and quite hurt by my actions but, I was doing this for the sake of our friendship. (oml)

Soon, more of the cast started to catch onto my weird behaviour but, Tj and Eden were the first to notice and burst into my trailer and interrogate me about it.

''Whaaaa... what are you guys doing here and can you please knock next time.'' I said kind of startled by what just happened.

'''Sure.'' They said said in sync not giving a care in the world.

''Sooooo... Y/N, why have you been so distant lately?'' Eden said and casually plopped onto the beanbag next to me.


''She said why have you been so distant lately. To Ethan?"

Tj looked me right in the eyes and then went to sit next to Eden slightly leaning over her shoulder.

"What? I haven't I'm confused.'' (mood)

''Yes you have. Whenever he tries to talk to you, you walk away or pretend to not hear. You guys never hang out anymore and I can tell you're slightly hurt by this too.''

Eden smartly added with a look of concern on her face.

''Fine. I'll tell you. I kinda like Ethan so, ever since I realised my feelings for him I stopped talking to him cause I thought it would ruin our-"

''AHHHHHHHHHHHH! You like Ethan!?''

''Yes, now shush before everyone hears you.''

I told them the whole ordeal and how I caught feelings. I asked them what I could do and they gave me some crap advice as a joke but I took some of it into consideration because I had no idea how I was gonna do this.

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