Chapter 20

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Remi's POV
I frowned while walking. If we were actually going this way, wouldn't we already be near Wellston High? My thoughts are probably messed up since everyone spent some time planning and escaping.. Right?

I actually don't know, and they took all our phones. We can't call a cab, or anything like that. I seriously can't believe that we could actually be still in this mess.

"Hey Remi, you okay?" Blyke comes over scanning my face and I stare away from him, making the red haired boy stand in front of me.

"Remi, talk to me. It's okay." Blyke's words were full of comfort, which I wanted to believe, but I just couldn't.

Ever since EMBER.. Killed Rei, I hated them. The authorities however, told us that they would find out who it was.

They never did. So, now I'm wondering if the authorities are somehow.. related to EMBER. If they did, that would be crazy.

But, then again. My thoughts are still jarred ever since we were captured in EMBER's evil HQ.

"Remi?" Blyke's voice snaps me out of my thoughts. "What?" I respond to him with a fierce tone, and he steps back.

"U-uh, you ok?" Blyke asks and I shake my head, and looked to see where everyone else is. They were on top of the hill, and by looking at their faces.. I think they found something, or someone.

I walked up the hill, along with Blyke jogging behind me trying to catch up. "What took you guys so long?" Isen asks us both.

"Nothing." Me and Blyke both said at the same time, which made Isen look at both of us suspiciously. "I'm watching you two."

Isen walks away and Blyke turns to me. "Stalker." We say at the same time which made Isen come back, looking at us carefully.

"What.. Did you say?" Isen's voice was full of curiousness and maybe a hint of venom. Blyke rolls his eyes at the orange haired boy while Isen walks away again.

"Shall we go?" Fierzza's voice announced and Blyke starts yelling 'Hell yeah!' and 'Come on slowpokes!' and well.. You don't want to hear the rest.

We all continued walking until we were all the way up the hill, and found a bunch of police all around. What were they doing here?

"Uh guys, why are the police here?" Isen asks, full of curiosity and confusion to why the police would be here.

"I don't know." Fierzza says and Isen turns to the boy, "I don't know too."

I sighed, while Seraphina rolled her eyes at the two lunatics. Yeah, perfect nickname for those two.

"Hey lunatics, let's get going!" I yell at the two boys and they followed the group, but then we were stopped by a police officer.

"Excuse me kids, you wouldn't have happened to seen a lot of people running?" The police asks us and I began to say "Wel-" but was then interrupted by Isen.

"No sir. Um, why would people be running?" Isen asks the officer and the officer looks at him, "Well haven't you heard? People escaped EMBER's supposedly HQ."

Isen gasps in shock and I look at him, before he whispers to us, "Play along."

"W-well EMBER.. Would they try to get us too?!" I say making my tone concerned and worried, playing along like Isen had said.

"Maybe, we're not sure." The officer says and I stare at him in anger and frustration. The authorizes couldn't even do anything about Rei.

They just told us that they would call us soon, to tell us if anything new came up.

That's exactly what they said to the other families.

However, I fixed my glare at the officer.

"Also, why is your friend in that mask?" He pointed at The Shadow King who still had his glowing amber eyes.

"Well, we played a prank on him." Seraphina says and The Shadow King nods, agreeing with her.

"Alright then, would you kids please go back?" The officer asks us politely and we began to walk back to Wellston.

We all were walking towards Wellston that we never noticed the officer was smiling at us, and carefully took out his radio.

"They're the ones."

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