Thirty Six

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Eve's hands heated as hot as they could as they tried to pry Steve's hand from her neck. Fear and desperation took over as she saw the emotionless yet angered face on her once smiling friend.

Before she could take in many details, Steve was blasted in the side by Peter. Peter swung from a web on the ceiling to kick Steve away from Eve, but Steve's grip didn't let go right away. Eve flew forward then flipped over before she hit the ground.

"Why would you hurt her?" Peter yelled as he stood beside Eve and a few feet away from Steve who was beginning to stand again. Eve coughed as she took in gallons of air while leaning on her forearms.

"What is wrong with you?" Peter continued to yell. Rogers now stood, a hard look on his face. He suddenly launched himself towards Peter to try to punch him, but Eve threw her hand out to blow a gust of wind to push him back.

"What part of 'stay away from Steve' did you not understand?" Eve's voice continuously cracked as Peter helped her stand. Quickly, the two started running away, but they were no match for Steve's speed.

Before he reached them, Eve abruptly stopped and turned to kick Steve in the stomach. The blow barely moved him as he threw his muscular arm at her. She leaned back, but was not fast enough to get away from his right hook directly with her cheek to knock her against the wall.

Before Rogers could hit her again, Peter caught his fist in his. Steve only stopped for a moment, then Peter punched Steve in the side. Eve came back and landed her fist against his jaw.

He stumbled back for a second, then pulled out two daggers from behind his back. Eve stepped between Peter and Steve, her fists guarding her face.

"Bucky, you might need to do that end of the line thing, now," Eve's voice shook slightly. Steve launched at Eve, but she threw her fist at him. He pushed her left fist away with his arm. In a flash, he went to gab the knife at her throat through the side, but her forearm met his. Steve quickly redirected to her lower side, but her forearm quickly met his.

"What's wrong?" Bucky asked while breathless. The building shook violently once again, but Steve didn't mind as he beamed her in the temple with the handle of the knife.

"Thor, I swear to God if you break this building," Tony sassed.

Eve instantly kneed Steve in the chest to knock him back against the wall. Once he hit the wall, Peter webbed his hands and feet in place.

"Steve," Eve said while catching her breath.

"I'm on my way," Bucky answered as Steve began breaking from the webs.

"Go, go now," Eve panicked and pushed Peter to begin running down the long hallway. They took off together, Eve looking back to see Steve freeing his last leg. As Peter and Eve reached the corner, Steve launched his shield at them at lightning speed, but before it could reach Peter's back, Bucky's vibranium arm stepped in to take the hit.

Steve now stood in the hallway at a standstill with Bucky. Eve pulled Peter to follow her out, not caring to watch. They quickly found the stairwell and started down.

"That was crazy," Peter said in awe. Eve just ignored him and opened the door to enter the floor below.

"Loki is gone. Where the hell did he go?" Tony asked the team.

"Everyone, watch your backs," Natasha informed them.

"Peter, we don't know where Loki is, be extremely aware of your surroundings all though I know it will be hard," Eve told Peter half jokingly to ease his worried face as they made it to the end of the hallway. The hallway teed off so Eve started calling out over the comms.

"Hey I have Peter with me. Where are you guys?" Eve asked. Tony began talking but cut out into cracks. Eve looked to Peter, but suddenly the doors at the end of each hallway slammed open. Soldiers flooded into the halls from each direction with Loki following.

Eve thought quickly and backed up to press her hand against the glass window and turned it to dust.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Peter asked worriedly. She then grabbed Peter's hand and pushed him out. He began freaking out but webbed himself to the side of the building.

Eve turned back to see the soldiers still charging at her. She looked down to her hands, seeing lightning start to spark all over her skin as the fear became more prominent. The sparks began forming larger and larger until the soldiers were steps away from her.

Eve's hands shot out as her head tilted back. She shouted out in pain as waves of lightning bolted out of her body. The lightning shredded through the three hallways, easily slicing through everyone in its path. Eve could feel the fire catching on her skin as she shut her eyes.

"Holy shit," Peter freaked out and covered his head from the lightning flying out of the window.

The waves seized as Eve dropped her arms. Her eyes drooped as exhaustion washed over her. Her legs began to give as her feet stumbled in an attempt to stay up.

"Amazing," Loki spoke up from the end of the hallway. Eve's eyes shot up to see him. "I like what you can do."

Loki began stepping over bodies towards her, but her legs finally gave out as she collapsed.

Peter pulled himself up from the ledge, slowly peaking at the scene to see if it was safe. His jaw slacked at the sight before him, the noticed Loki.

He immediately panicked, spastically hopping up to shoot webs at Loki. The webs landed, hitting his ankles to knock him over. Loki screamed before falling over.

"You incompetent fool," Loki raged at Peter.

"Eve," Peter yelled and quickly kneeled by her side. Her suit was torn and ripped. Peter went to touch her arm, but was instantly burned by the heat of her skin.

Loki began cutting free so Peter quickly threw Eve over his shoulder before climbing out of the window towards the roof.

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