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   CRYSTAL'S FOOT TAPPED against the cold stone floor as she waited to meet up with Peggy

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   CRYSTAL'S FOOT TAPPED against the cold stone floor as she waited to meet up with Peggy. Impatience was growing inside of her as she was fidgeting with her fingers. Her light brown hair was flowing freely and a dark shade of red lipstick was lacing her plump lips.

Small sigh escaped from her lips as she looked over to a clock in front of her. Suddenly a voice was heard and Peggy came in the room. She had a hurt expression on her face which she did her best to hide.

"I'm sorry I'm late." She apologized quickly but Crystal lightly shook her head.

"It's fine." She replied back honestly. "But are you okay? You seem like something's bothering your head."

Peggy sighed and nodded. "It's Steve again. Remember when I told you he doesn't know a bloody thing about women?" Crystal muttered a small 'yes' as she recalled the conversation the two girls had not too long ago.

"Well, my point has been proven again." Crystal furrowed her brows in confusion, wanting her dark haired friend to continue with her story so it becomes more clear. "He kissed that Private Lorraine!"

Crystal's eyes shot up wide as she looked at her new best friend unbelievingly. "There has to be a logical reason behind it all, I recall he once said that he will settle down for one woman only. That can't be the Steve I know."

"He always wanted to be a solider, now he is one." Peggy said and Crystal sighed as she crossed her arms together. "You know what was the worst part of it all?"

Crystal shook her head unknowingly. "He tried to make me the guilty one! He thought me and Stark were 'fonduing'!"

"Does he not know it's just cheese and bread?" Crystal disappointedly said and Peggy shook her head.

"It's obvious he doesn't." The two girls finally got out of the room as Peggy headed in the direction of Howard's lab.

When the two arrived their eyes watched how Steve was trying on a metal shield.

"You quite finished, Mr. Stark?" Peggy asked gaining both men's attention. "I'm sure the Captain has some unfinished business."

Steve held his shield against him as he showed the two girls. "What do you think?" He had a cheesy grin covering his face as he proudly showed off his new shield.

Peggy took a gun out of the table that was standing next to her and started to shoot at Steve's shield as he protected himself. Loud gunshots echoed in the lab making almost everybody fall onto the ground, trying not to get shot.

"Yes, I think it works." Peggy said sarcastically and a proud smirk covered Crystal's face as they were leaving. The girl send out a wink to her childhood best friend, trying to tell him to be more calm seeing as she saw his distress.

"That's my badass best friend!" Crystal said proudly to Peggy who just slightly chuckled.

  "I have to go, Crystal, but I will meet you back at the apartment." Peggy informed the emerald eyed girl who gave her a small nod, before pulling her into a short hug.

  "See you later, badass best friend!" Crystal exclaimed and Peggy laughed.

   "See you later, badass friend." Peggy repeated her words as they parted their ways.

Crystal walked through the halls wondering what she was going to do next, then suddenly somebody pulled her and put a hand over her mouth so she doesn't scream.

Her heart rate went up as she was scared of what was happening but she started to relax she once seeing who the person was.

Their bodies were just millimeters away and Crystal could feel Bucky's breath on her as she stood there shocked, but she wasn't complaining about the scene, she actually had been grateful the boy had come.

"You, idiot!" Crystal exclaimed as she acted hurt and Bucky laughed slightly but that laugh was quickly brushed off when the girl's palm met his face. "That's for you to learn to not scare me anymore."

"Yes, ma'am. You know you have a pretty mean hand, princess." Bucky said and Crystal rolled her eyes.

"I know. Anyways, what are you doing here?" She questioned and Bucky had a smile warming up to his face.

"Little bird told me you were going to be here." He answered simply and that made Crystal break into a sweet smile.

"By 'little bird' do you mean Steve? Because I'm pretty damn sure he ain't no bird. That man is a whole ass dinosaur now." Crystal sarcastically said and Bucky shook his head.

"See I was trying to do something nice for you but I guess you don't want me here, so I will be on my way." Bucky spoke as he started to leave but Crystal grabbed his hand telling him to stay.

"Stay, please." her emerald eyes shone with love swimming all around them.

"Only if you let me take you for a drink, now." Bucky said and Crystal pretended like she was thinking when in reality all she wanted to do was jump into his arms.

"I guess only this one time won't hurt me that much." Crystal said jokingly and Bucky laughed as he put his hand for her to take, which she did.

"Let's go, princess." He told her and she chuckled.

"Let's go, my prince."

AUTHOR'S NOTE. idk how i feel about this chapter oops,, man fuck Bucky and Crystal i'm team #creggy (thank you, nat for coming up with it) ,,, bTW ONLY THREE CHAPTERS LEFT GUYS! AND I PROMISE THE NEXT TO ARE GONNA BE ALL FLUFFY AND CUTE BECAUSE WE GOTTA PREPARE FOR WHATS COMING NEXT... AND I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHAT IT IS :((((((((((((((


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