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noeul + tvxq ' noeul + hyejin + yeongja ' noeul + siwon 



WORD GUIDE | tenemos que ir (we have to go) ' gracias (thank you) - estoy tan orgullose de ti, mija (i'm so proud of you, my daughter)


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"I'm going to cry," Yeongja whispered as she fixed Noeul's veil for the fifth time in the past ten minutes. 

"Don't cry, I'm going to cry," Noeul responded as she fanned at her eyes. 

"Are you going to see each other before the ceremony?" Hyejin asked as she finished responding back to a few texts. 

"That's bad luck," Noeul warned the YG idol as she fixed a few strands of hair that fell in front of her face. 

"I still don't understand how that's bad luck," Yeongja muttered under her breath as Hyejin nodded her head, agreeing with Noeul. 

"It's just a tradition," Noeul responded, turning to take her bouquet from the dressing table. 

Just as the girls began to gush about Noeul's beautiful dress, a knock echoed throughout the room. Hyejin opened the door to reveal Yunho, Changmin, and Noeul's brothers Justin and Julio. 

"You two aren't supposed to be back here," Noeul warned to her younger siblings in English as they began to mess around with various items scattered around the dressing room. 

"How come Ariana and Julia are allowed to be here?" Julio answered, a pout playing at his lips.

"Because I wanted bridesmaids, not bridesmen. Go back to your seats." Noeul pushed them out of the room, turning back to see her bridesmaids placing finishing touches on their dresses and flower bouquets. 

"How is he doing?" She asked her band members in reference to Siwon, interjecting into their conversations.

"Surprisingly well, he's been reciting bible verses to himself so we'll take that as a good sign," Changmin replied as Hyejin and Yeongja chuckled. 

"We were sent by the wedding planner to tell you guys that the groomsmen will start walking in 5 minutes," Yunho added, hugging Hyejin close to his side as she placed her left hand over his chest. 

"You guys need to get back there, you're walking with them right?" Yeongja asked them, arching one of her perfect eyebrows. 

"Oh shit, we're going to miss our cue!" Yunho exclaimed, dragging Changmin behind him. 

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