Part 25

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A normal length update... Unedited


A cold wind made him shudder a bit. It stirred his sleep and he started groping around the pillow he had his head rested to. What he felt on his palm was not a pillow he realised which made him shot open his eyes. When he looked up he saw her beautiful face glowing in the dawn. When he looked down his hand was cupping her breast. A blush adorned his face as he took his hand back making her whimper in her sleep when he got up from her.

When his hand exposed her breast he was stunned at the marks it held. He felt a bit taken aback with the number of marks she had, all around her front. Her lips were bruised to, but now he was not shocked, he blushed instead. She looked no less than an angle to him right now.

He covered her front with the sheet and slowly got up from the bed with the urge to empty his bladder.

She sighed a bit with the sudden weight off her body.

He went inside the restroom just to get woken up completely. The single bathroom and restroom had her aroma all around. He felt like he was in heaven. Her smell filled his nostrils and he felt like he could spend his day here just relishing being here.

He looked around and saw her clothes hanging behind the door. He walked towards it and touched the one she wore the previous night when he saw her in front of the hospital. It felt weird at first but he started sniffing her top. He chuckled at his own actions. Weirdo! His inner made a face at his antics.

His bladder alarmed him for its call and when he was done another voice alarmed him.

"jee!" She called him almost crying.

He flushed before running out towards her.

"ha!" He peaked midway pulling his boxer on. The flush sound made her calm.

He washed his hand with the towel hanging and walked towards her. She was resting her back on the bed rest. Her eyes wide away and it gave her condition, she was almost on the urge to cry.

"what happened?" He knee walked towards her on the bed.

"I thought you left me" she sobbed but calmed as soon as he cupped her chin and settled besides her.

"I thought you left me like that morning" she hid herself in his chest throwing her arms around him.

He sighed, Yes, he did left her not thinking even once how she will feel. But he didn't had the courage to even face her also.

He took a deep breathe before pulling her close by throwing his hands around her.

"sorry" she apologized before peaking up from his chest.

"I am sorry" he held her gaze. "its okay" she pecked him just under his lower lip and he sighed.

"what should I do to redeem myself" he asked with sincerity in his eyes.

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