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Wow,a face that could stop you in your tracks, I guess he must be used to girls drooling for him and all the men around his age giving him a look of pure hardcore envy.To say he was handsome was an understatement, because he was more than handsome. I stress the word more!I bet under that suit was a toned muscular body with packs.

The eyes, deep black eyes; he would still be  handsome in any eye shade though. His dark eye brows that slopped downwards in a serious expression, furrowed in a frown.Wait,why is he angry and why is he yelling so much? I can't get what he is saying,snap out of it Lia.

"Do you even hear what I'm telling you? Can't you see where you are going? Tell me missy what are those two things on your face for? Mere decorations?! Do you know how much this suit costs me!"he yelled talking through clenched teeth and holding my arm firmly and God I could feel sparks all through my body,it's not every day that a sexy good looking being like this touches you,let me live the moment while it lasts but jeez that grip was firm.

What I'm I even saying?

"I'm so sorry sir.... I did not watch where I was going.I'll just get this cleaned up for you sir."I said taking out a handkerchief from my pockets and trying to clean the stain.

"What do you think you are doing! Do you seriously think a sorry can help!My suit costs more than all the 12 months of  your salary sumed up...(faking a laugh) and you seriously think a sorry can pay for this you INCOMPETENT FOOL!" and that just light up my anger and leashing my inner beast out like how dare he?  Let me show him who rules this place.

"Hey mister! You don't need to be rude you see . I apologized already what do you want me to do mister,beg on my knees and kiss your toes . For Christ's sake it's just a damn coffee stain not acid, sorry to burst your bubble sir but I won't! and don't you ever dare call me a fool you fool." I said through clenched teeth, raging with anger and pointing a finger at him.

Well that...was the worst comeback Lia.

He stood there looking at me shocked making me to mentally pat my back. Cat got your toungue aye?

Those eyes that were making me weak to my knees and was as if unveiling my whole being. What was happening to me? I had to leave before I did something that will embarrass me.

I left him staring at me,eyes filled with anger and shock. I could feel people glancing at me while others gasped at what I did, it was my fault but he didn't have to call me names. What an arrogant rude man,he definitely has a black cold blooded heart.
Incompetent fool he said. Well incompetent fool yourself mister halo?

What.have. I. Done?!

I sighed as I washed my face staring at the mirror before me,wow Lia! where had all that bravery emerge from?

"Lia,are you there,the boss wants to see you and I tell you he is fuming in anger, hurry up and get to him"Beth said standing at the door.

What had I gotten myself into? I could already imagine the old man with smoke coming out from his nostrils and ears.

Lia, baby you are doomed!

All saints up there please pray for me. I swear I will be a good girl, I won't get angry when people step down on me . I will always attend mass but please save me. Amen.

"Boss, you called for me."I said in a soft voice staring on the floor avoiding the old man's eyes.

"Mrs Gonzalez,where has all that bravery gone to?! By the way congrats.. what a show you made in there,just wow! You should be given a medal. How dare you raise your voice at our customer and even you dared to point a finger at him,Lia! I can't let you ruin the business I have started through my hard work and sweat!"he said almost screaming at me. Literally screaming.

"But sir.."I tried explaining myself before he cut me off.

"Save it. Now young lady, you will receive your payment for the days you have been working here..and after that I don't want to ever see your face here"oh oh please don't say the *F *word.

"Are FIRED!"he said as he walked out before I could even say anything else, I was now super duper screwed up.

I could not fight back the tears, I had several other small jobs but they didn't help me much,how I'm I going to survive?

"I'm sorry Lia,here is your payment. I will miss you."Beth said through wet eyes as she issued me my payment.

"Don't cry now, it's not your fault. It's just me and my stupid emotions that screwed this up! I will miss you too."I said as I hugged her faking a smile just to make me strong.

I left the premises as ordered by my ex-boss.  Marching down the pathway,away from my coffee shop life. I will miss coffee though.Bye Bye coffee job and dear saints you too tried but it was meant to be.i thought as I have a weak smile matching down the streets of New York.

I know that this chapter is short but I kinda wanted it to be like that! But I promise I will make the up coming chapter long..

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