011 : hola grammy's

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SCARLETT WAS AT A BREAKFAST RESTAURANT IN THE SUBURBS OF LA, WAITING FOR TOM TO ARRIVE. She had a busy day ahead of her - sorting something out with Tom, final rehearsals for her performance tonight at the Grammy's, then finally the event itself. But that didn't stop her from jigging her leg up and down in pure nervousness, awaiting for Tom's imminent arrival.

All she could switch her mind back to was the last time she saw Thomas Holland's face with her own eyes, screaming at him, the two endlessly arguing on Boxing Day, until Scarlett gave up and walked out, making her way back to London since May of that year. She was so focused on it, that she didn't even notice Tom finally entering the near empty breakfast diner, the bell hanging on the door signalling his entrance, and spotting a tired-looking Scarlett staring at a wall in the distance, made his way over to her.

"Hey, Scarlett! Oh - Scarlett? Excuse me missy, I'm here now!" Tom couldn't help but chuckle, waving his hand over Scarlett's face, clicking his fingers until she snapped out of her small flashback, shaking her head in surprise to see Tom standing bewildered infront of her.

"Oh gosh, I'm away with the fairies all the time! Hi there, Tom." Scarlett gushes almost, standing to reach her arm around Tom's neck to give him a small hug, the first time they touched one another somewhat affectionately in two months.

The pair sit down opposite each other, Scarlett swirling the spoon inside her steaming cup of tea, awkwardly waiting for someone to start speaking. Tom fiddled his thumbs round one another until he finally cleared his throat, finding the will to slice open the most awkward silence he had ever endured with Scarlett in all his life.

"I don't really know where to start with all of this, because there's so much we need to discuss, but I just know for certain that I want you only, Scar. This time apart can really benefit us, it can." Tom starts to plead, reaching over to grab Scarlett's hands, and she felt grateful for it. She wanted Tom too, desperately, she missed him more than she ever would anticipate, but knew she had to be mature going about it.

"Me too, Munchkin," Scarlett says calm, watching Tom's face light up as he hears his nickname for the first time in a long long while. "but we need to take it slower. Pretend we aren't really married, just, y'know, together. We can only get stronger as a team that way." She smiles, and Tom copies the same action, his thumbs stroking Scarlett's balled fists that clung onto his.

"Yeah, let's take it slow. As long as I don't have to pretend like I hate you and can see you as much as possible while you're here, I'm happy as Larry." Tom beams, leaning over the table and gently pecking Scarlett's cheek, making her blush more furiously, his smile looking like it'll never go away.

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