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PurpleNohara: Hey guys.


Obito's Wife added Kakashi to a private chat

Obito's Wife: you wanna do sum funny 😈

Kakashi: What now...

Obito's Wife: Okay. Every time Rin talks, put this emoji --> 💩

Kakashi: Why..

Obito's Wife: bc its funny 😂

Kakashi: Sure, Whatever...

Kakashi has left the chat

Obito's Wife: SKSKSK

Obito's Wife has left the chat


back to the group chat...

Kakashi is typing...

Obito's Wife is typing...

Obito's Wife: 💩

Kakashi: 💩...

PurpleNohara: Hi Kakashi!

Kakashi: 💩

Obito's Wife: I'm crying real tears of laughter rn  😂

Hokage4th: 😅

PurpleNohara: (y/n) why is your name "Obito's Wife"?

Obito's Wife changed her name to "Kakashi's Wife"

Kakashi's Wife: 💩

Kakashi changed Hokage4th's name to "🤢"


PurpleNohara: NANIIIIII?!

Kakashi: Change ur name dobe.

Kakashi's Wife changed Kakashi's name to "(y/n)'s Husband" 

(y/n)'s Husband: 🤦🏻‍♂️

Kakashi (Draft): I like that name.


Next day..

Everyone was at the academy. Except for Obito, until he ran into the classroom

(y/n) was staring at him, oh she wished he could be all hers.

Obito was looking at Rin, about to wave to her, until he noticed she was looking at Kakashi, and Kakashi would also spare a few glances at (y/n)


The academy were throwing shuriken today.

Kakashi made every shuriken in the middle of the target

"A perfect score of 10!", the sensei said as every girl squealed, except (y/n)

Kakashi frowned when he noticed this

It was Obito's turn

He didn't make any. In fact, one almost stabbed the sensei in the head

"Hey! Are you trying to kill me?!"

"S-Sorry!", Obito said as he bowed

Everyone laughed except (y/n) and Rin, Kakashi shrugged his shoulders

(y/n) ran over to Obito to comfort him

"Obito it's ok! You'll become the strongest Hokage one day!"

"Your right, (y/n)~chan!"

Kakashi closed his eyes, knowing he never has a chance with (y/n)  

Rin made 3/10

(y/n) got 8/10


Now students were sparring

It was Obito and Kakashi's match


They were doing taijutsu, Obito couldn't even touch Kakashi

Obito finally kicked Kakashi, causing him to fall

Obito punch Kakashi in the stomach


It was a substitution

Kakashi was behind Obito with a kunai to his neck

"Stop right there!"

Obito was sad, he embarrassed himself in front of Rin, he also felt something small towards (y/n) too.


It was now Rin and (y/n)'s sparring match


(y/n) allowed Rin to go first

"Oh! You want me to make the first move."

"Yes, it's common sense to let the weak person go first in a spar", (y/n) replied

The whole class "ooohed", and Kakashi giggled. Obito just stood there

Rin tried to punch (y/n) but she blocked with ease   

(y/n) kicked Rin, knowing that it didn't really matter if she dodged it or not, she will still fall

Yes. She fell.

(y/n) held a kunai to her throat

"Easy.", she stated as all the boys clapped, and the girls snickered at Rin's level of fighting

Posted: May 5, 2019

Edited: May 24, 2019

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