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It was peaceful day. Suddenly a sharp voice of phone ringing tore the silence. A old maid ran towards the room.

Lights were dim as she sat there and wrote her dreams and adventures. "Young Master is coming today you should get ready Madam." a maid enter the living room while fidgeting her dress, she was nervous, She knew the tension between them very well.

Bella looked up from her book it was around one p.m. How many days it's been this time?

Two months or three months?

She does not exactly remember last time she saw him. But what's the point in this. It's not like they actually care about each other.

"I'll be ready." she sighed, putting her diary down.

She didn't really care about this much but still as a proper raised lady. She put on a royal blue gown, dangling earrings and matching sandals.

She applied little bit makeup and left her golden silky hair falling down covering her bare back.


It was nearly five in the evening when she heard the screeching of car in the driveway.

She was nervous, a sheen lair of sweat covering her.

He was here.

All maids and servant were lined up. She stood at the staircase, waiting for him.

The door swung opened. The pair of sleek black shoes entered. He was walking towards the stairs without sparing single look.

She stole a look, he was wearing a black tux and blue shirt underneath, a plush green tie and elegant pin attached to it . His unique brown hair dishevelled in sexy way. His hard rock body always hidden underneath those expensive business suits but still unable to hide his sexy, handsome body and those abs.

Bella gulped when she felt he looked at her for second, then turned and left for his room.

She hated this place and this life. They barely talk. Hell they never talk. Complete strangers living together.

She was furious, all the makeup and dressing up was down the drain.

She still tried to talk to him.

There was muffling sounds inside the room. She knocked the door but there was no response.


Still no reply.

She noticed that the door was unlocked. She was nervous but still turned the door knob and entered. She was mesmerized. His room was forbidden territory. She was not allowed there. Even when he was out on business trips.

She didn't saw the luggage and stumbled on it. She fell down and groaning in pain.

"What?" she heard the deep gruff voice. She tried to look up in his eyes. A deep blush covered her face.

He was still wearing his pants but his shirt was unbuttoned. His smooth skin and abs was direct in her view.

Christ, he was like a Greek God. She snapped when her eyes met his hard, cold onyx ones.

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