xi. the boys

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Sidra POV

She's mad, but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire

Ever since that fateful day, me and Raven have been pretty much inseparable. Two weeks had passed, and I had met enough people to finally believe that I wouldn't be lonely here. My roommate Eva is one of the sweetest people I know. Ella has not let me down - she is as preppy and cheerful as the first day and she adores her boyfriend Sylvester. (the reason the rushed away from me on my first day).
Everyone loves Ella's company. Including Raven.

Like any other high school, this one too has its cliques. Raven is the stereotyped 'bad' girl. The one who is always late to class, breaks rules, but somehow managing to maintain straight As. She has a very select group of people with whom she feels truly comfortable. One of this group is Alby. Much to her disappointment, she doesn't get to spend a lot of time with him; mainly due to him being a non-Elite. That is, his powers aren't as developed as the 'Elites'.
Raven doesn't hesitate to use her abilities - psychokinesis. ( that explained the knives)
I wish I could use mine as easily as she can, but my head burns if I go on for too long. Seeing the future is not as cracked up as novels make it out to be. I prefer illusional pain. It seems more useful.

Most of our afternoons were spent attending detention. Or rather skipping detention. The Principal had banned us from using the training grounds until we attended detention.
So there we were. We plopped our bags on the floor and slid into our seats. Raven pulled out a book and was soon engrossed in it - leaving me to entertain myself. I opened a notebook and started doodling. A teacher came in and told us to sit quiet, and then left. That was when I noticed a group of four guys sitting to the side.
"Dont stare Sidra. You're embarrassing me." Raven muttered beside me.
I couldn't help it. God knows they were hot. One of them noticed me staring and smirked. Blood rushing to my face, I tore my eyes away and resumed doodling.

The very same guy stood up and approached us. Mischief danced in his bright green eyes.
"What are two pretty ladies like you doing in a place like this?" He drawled.
Before I could reply, Raven slammed her book shut "Why the fuck does it matter to you?" She sneered. The temperature in the room dropped. Obviously, she did not like these boys. Her aura had changed.
"Ooh someone's feisty" remarked a voice from behind. Another equally attractive boy stepped up. His jet black hair hung down in front of his eyes. He brushed it away, revealing a pair of deep blue eyes, soaking up the light and projecting an aura of darkness.
"So what if I am, Dora?" Raven smirked. "Why don't you get back to your little hoes?"
What she said seemed to have struck a nerve. His eyes brightened up dangerously.
"It's Theo. You jealous bitch" he spat.
"Well look who's talking?" Raven retorted.
A blazing flurry of insults ensued. Words that made my ears burn. A stream of profanity that would have made the nearest priest drown them in holy water.

Amidst all of this chaos, I saw a quiet boy sitting in the corner. His curly brown hair bent over a book. The one next to him was gazing at me.

"What are you staring at, dickhead?" I snapped.
He didn't move a hair. Just his intense gaze. It stripped me to the bone and peered into my innermost heart. I suddenly felt bare, and vulnerable. It wasn't a good feeling. However, I wasn't going to let it show. Noting my indecision, he smirked
"Well isn't it obvious cariña? I'm staring at you"
I didn't know how to reply.
He uncurled himself from the chair and bent towards me. Only then did I register how tall he actually was.
"You're quite the spitfire, aren't you" his husky tones breathed into my ear. The world spun around me, dissolving into an unintelligible mist. He remained untouched - clear and defined. I shook myself back to earth. 'Dont lose your cool now, Sidra,' I reminded myself.
"Enough of a spitfire to burn you" I glared at him. How dare he make my mind turn traitor.

"Ooh cariña has an attitude bigger than herself." He said, in an oh - so deep voice. The effect that voice had on me was instantaneous. My knees felt like rotten bananas.
"Shut up and tell me what cariña means" I held on to myself tightly.
"Well, that's for me to know and for you to find out" he replied.

The air between us turned thick. I struggled to keep a clear head. He was way too close. If he were to come closer...just a little more - I pulled my mind back. I couldn't. I mustn't. What was happening?
I tried a hostile glare. It failed miserably. I was lost in another world. A world inside the beautiful eyes of this snarky boy. A forest within the heart of the ocean.

"Come on Sidra. These fuckers are impossible." Raven jolted me out of my trance and pulled me out of the room. She stalked towards the dorms, dragging me behind. Raven ranted about how better the world would be without boys. I stopped listening. I had come so close to disaster today. This was not supposed to happen. Love was not for me. Guilt saturated me as Sage's still form rose up before my eyes.
I hated myself for feeling so weak. I hated myself for feeling.

I wondered of I would see more of him.

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